5 Reasons NOT to Buy a New Smartphone

1 August 2016

buying a certified used smartphone

So your phone took a plunge, you ran over it by mistake, or it just stopped working altogether. Is it time for a new phone? Think again before for jumping to that conclusion. If you’re not due for an upgrade for a while or the phone you just ran over was relatively new, chances are you don’t want to be forking out for a brand new model. We know that phones are a costly, fragile technology purchase. So why waste your hard-earned money on running out to buy a new one each time it gets damaged? Here are five reasons why you should choose professional mobile phone repair rather than replace it.

1. Your Screen is Cracked

So you’ve dropped your phone and now you have to walk around talking on something that you feel the need to hide like a bruised ego. If your phone has a smashed screen, jumping to get the next latest model can end up being a complete waste of your hard-earned cash. Screens are one of the most common repairs. Take your phone to your nearest cell phone repair store and have the professional repair technicians take a look at it first. Chances are that they can fix it, in minutes, at a fraction of the price you would spend on a new phone.

2. Low Storage

If your phone starts to run slowly and keeps warning you that your storage capacity is low, you don’t have to run out and buy a new phone with a larger capacity. Depending on your phone, you will more than likely have a slot located on the side for adding a storage card. If this isn’t possible, bring your phone to an expert and get some advice on optimization and organization to clean up unnecessary files and apps so you have storage for the things that matter.

3. You Just Want the Latest Model

When each time the latest model of your iPhone or Android comes onto the market, ditching your old one that’s been serving you well is one of the worst and environmentally wasteful reasons for replacing your phone – especially if your budget is tight. Instead, keep your existing device and use the annual new model reveal as a reminder to bring your phone in for a software update, data backup or smartphone optimization.

4. You Still Don’t Know How to Use It

If you dove head first into the world of technology with the latest and greatest smartphone, but still feel overwhelmed each time you try to do anything except answer a call – don’t ditch the phone. You don’t need to give up on it and opt for a new one. There are plenty of workshops you can attend to help you, or bring it into our store and we’d be happy to walk you through any questions you have and show you how to use it.

5. You’re Not Due for a Free Upgrade

If it’s simply not that time yet, don’t even consider it. If you just want the look of something new, why not invest in a new stylish case?

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