5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone



Samsung’s massively popular line of Galaxy smartphones is world-renowned for incorporating user-friendly interfaces and cutting-edge technology. However, there are ways to further boost the usefulness of these Android-powered devices. Here are a few tips:


A feature of Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS, Doze functions to automatically put your Galaxy device to sleep when resting, allowing any set alarms to still go off, even if you forgot to charge your phone. Doze is the saving grace of many an early commuter because it guarantees alarm activity. Be sure to check your settings to make sure it is enabled, just to be safe.

Enable Split Screen Functionality

Many don’t realize what the power under the hood of recent Galaxy smartphones can accomplish. Making use of the generous screen size, processing power and system RAM of these devices, split screen mode allows for you to use more than one app at once. Simply hold down the apps or multitasking button at the bottom left of your device for a couple of seconds. This will bring up a menu of apps you can select from, with the top half of the screen remaining dedicated to whatever was being displayed previously. This space allocation can easily be adjusted by dragging the icon in the middle up or down, and apps can be flipped, closed, or placed into window mode by tapping on the circle icon.

Download Booster

If in a rush but in desperate need to download something post-haste, enter Settings, then Connections. From here, select More Connection Settings, and you’ll find an option called Download Booster. Here, you can toggle on or off LTE and Wi-Fi networks, which will supercharge downloading speeds of larger files. It’s important to remember that this will use some of your available data allowance, so be certain to turn it off when not absolutely necessary.

Use S Finder

When you need to locate something in a hurry, it can be an absolute pain to scroll for ages before stumbling upon it. Streamline this process with your Galaxy device’s handy S Finder, a feature that does the work for you in record time. Simply pull down the notification shade and tap on S Finder. Enter the name of what it is you’re looking for and it will be presented to you almost immediately.

Blue Light Filter

Many of us browse on our phones late at night as part of our bedtime ritual. As addicting as this can be, it can be equally hazardous to your eyes and sleep cycle. Enabling your device’s blue light filter can help to minimize the damage and strain caused by late-night browsing, and it’s fantastic for those with sensitive eyes to get the most out of their phone’s capabilities. Like S Finder, simply pulling down the notification shade will reveal the blue light filter option. Opacity levels can also be adjusted by tapping on the text rather than the icon for this option.

Samsung Galaxy devices are known for their vast array of options and features. With these tips at your disposal, it’ll be easier than ever to get the very most out of your powerful and efficient new smartphone. See what else you can discover! Bring your Samsung Galaxy to Mobile Klinik for more helpful tips and expert repair and care. For a free quote and expert diagnostic of your Samsung Galaxy, look for the Authorized Samsung SmartService logo at your nearest Mobile Klinik location.

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