Refurbished & Unlocked iPhone 7 Devices

We stand behind the quality of our Certified Pre-Owned Devices with a best-in-class one year warranty for our customers.

The iPhone 7 was released in September 2016 and was preceded by the iPhone 6S which was released in September 2015. For consumers upgrading from a previous generation improvements have been made to speed, usability and overall user experience

Some of the most important improvements compared to the iPhone 6S include:

  • The iPhone 7 sports an A10 Fusion chipset which is a quad-core CPU compared to the A9 dual-core chip which the 6S was shipped with, making multi-tasking a breeze and an average speed boost of 40% compared to the 6S models.
  •  The traditional physical home button has been replaced by one that responds to haptic feedback instead of needing to be pressed down. It still allows for Touch ID access, and is definitely a more satisfying experience.
  • The traditional headphone jack has been replaced with a lightning connector, meaning you’ll need an inexpensive dongle to connect your regular aux earbuds – or you can use wireless AirPods. 
  • The rear camera has seen improvements in aperture and optical image stabilization compared to what was offered with the iPhone 6S and is the first Apple cell phone to offer 4K video recording. There are significant improvements to low-light photos and videos which make this release competitive with Samsung devices.
  • Battery life is also an issue that consumers can expect improvements on compared to the 6S. The iPhone 7 ships with a 1,960 mAh battery which is a decent improvement on the 1,810 mAh capacity the 6S is using.

Fully unlocked iPhone 7 devices are sold in like-new condition,  backed by a one year warranty. They are available in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities on either Rose Gold, Matte Black, Jet Black Gold or Silver at your local Mobile Klinik location.

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Expertise & Quality

Expert technicians, premium
quality parts.

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Expertly examined & tested through
an extensive quality inspection.

One-Year warranty

We offer one-year industry
leading warranty.

A Mobile Klinik Certified Pre-Owned smartphone is a dependable, affordable, quality device that has been professionally renewed by Mobile Klinik technicians using premium quality parts. We offer both locked and unlocked products that can be used on all GSM networks. We stand behind the quality of our Certified Pre-Owned devices with a best-in-class one year warranty for our customers.

Before we offer a Certified Pre-Owned phone to our customers, it has been expertly examined by our trained service technicians. It has been repaired with premium quality parts; reset to its original settings; and rigorously tested through an extensive quality inspection to ensure it meets our standards for certification as a like-new phone. Our expert technicians will be happy to answer any questions and showcase the features of your like-new phone.