Is Your Smartphone Overheating?

28 November 2016

Is your smartphone overheating?

Your smartphone is a wonderfully hi-tech but fragile mobile computer. Just like with a laptop, it’s important to be cautious if your mobile phone feels like it may be overheating. If you notice that it feels hot most of the time, it could end up causing damage to the battery and phone. Luckily there are ways to help prevent your phone from overheating and any resulting damage.

Here are a few key ways to keep your phone nice and cool.


Believe it or not, the simple act of updating your phone’s apps can help to alleviate some of that over-exertion. Likewise, when you update the system, any bugs or glitches within your phone that were causing it to overheat can be eliminated. Always keep your software and applications updated to improve the efficiency of your phone.

Keep it Away from Other Devices

Your phone and other gizmos and gadgets shouldn’t be kept in close quarters when running. Since each of those other devices, such as your laptop, iPad and anything else tech-related produces its own heat, grouping your devices together can result in one big hotbed that can do a lot of damage to your devices, including your phone.

Declutter your Apps

Of course, the more stuff you have running on your phone, the more energy and heat it will produce. So go through your phone every few months and delete some of the apps that you don’t typically use. This is especially important for background apps that you never use but that run constantly. This step will help your phone run smoothly and efficiently.

Keep it Out of the Sun

Just like when you sit out in direct sunlight, those intense rays beaming onto your phone can cause some pretty significant damage to it over time. Keeping your phone in the sun or out on a hot surface can fry the battery and damage the hardware. Avoid having any intense heat directed onto the surface of the phone. If you do touch your phone and it feel like it’s overheated, cool it down. Put it in an air-conditioned room or near a fan until it’s no longer hot. Note: smartphones don’t like extreme temperatures. Do not subject your smartphone to dramatic temperature swings (either hot to cold or cold to hot) as this can result in condensation and other ill effects that will damage your phone.

For as much as you rely on (and pay for) your smartphone, you want it to last and function as efficiently as it can. So take good care of it and if your phone appears to be consistently hot, bring it into Mobile Klinik for immediate diagnosis and professional smartphone repair.

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