LG Repairs

What Mobile Klinik can do for you :

Mobile Klinik repairs broken LG handsets, often in less than 60 minutes.* No appointment needed.

If your handset has broken down, we can help: we can repair smashed screen, faulty charging port, damaged home buttons, microphones, speakers, and most other things in between.

Immediate diagnosis and personalized quote.

All walk-in repairs come with a lifetime warranty.

    *Subject to availability of spare parts

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Screen Replacement

Is your touchscreen broken or cracked? Our expert technicians can repair or replace the screen, often in under 60 minutes.

Charging and Battery

Does your smartphone not charge properly? Does your battery drain in a flash? Our expert repair technicians can repair or replace the battery so you can stay connected to what matters.

Software update

Do you experience delays, bugs or unwanted restarts on your smartphone ? Our expert technicians can reset and optimize your device's operating software to correct these problems.

Liquid damage

Have you accidentally spilled liquid on your phone or dropped it in water? Visit our smartphone repair stores for expert repair, often in less than 60 minutes.

Other Repairs

Is the keypad broken on your device? Is the microphone or speaker defective? Bring your smartphone or tablet in-store for a free personalized quote!

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