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Map of Phone Service Center network

Phone Service Center

The international expansion of our network under the name Phone Service Center

We are an international brand, operating in Europe. Our sister company, Point Service Mobiles, has been repairing phones in France since 2006 and we strive to being the same level of quality repairs and service in Canada. With 230 stores across Europe, we are the number #1 smartphone repair store in the world (based on the number of retail stores). Whether you need a repair, have an issue with software, or just want to update your battery, our skilled technicians are here to help you.

The Phone Service Center / Mobile Klinik philosophy is to ensure every customer is welcomed and taken care of immediately, following a personalized diagnosis of their smartphone. Our repairs are done on site by professionally trained technicians using premium parts. Most repairs are completed in less than 60 minutes.


Point Service Mobiles is Phone Service Center’s French mother company. First PSM shop opened in Paris in 2006, since then the company built a 200 shops’network specialised in Repair of mobile phones and tablets, and accredited by manufacturers. PSM began internationalising its activities since 2013.

Phone Service Center Stuttgart

The establishment of PSC in Stuttgart at the end year 2013 launches the internationalisation process. The network now spreads i many major cities in the country: a 2nd PSC in Stuttgart and openings in SindelfingenLudwigsburg, Heilbronn, DeggendorfMünchenMülheimKärlichDuisburgHamburg.

Phone Service Center Bruxelles

The first Belgian Phone Service Center opened in Brussels in 2013. Since this opening, the Phone Service Center network has structured itself in major cities in Belgium – Antwerp, Liège, MortselCharleroi and Namur – but also in cities in Luxembourg Esch-sur-Alzette and Belval.

Phone Service Center Madrid

The first 2 PSC opened in Spain settled in Madrid : in centre of Madrid, as well as in the periphery in the Carrefour shopping mall El Pinar. Carrefour El Pinar. The Master Franchise plans to open in all major Spanish cities.

Phone Service Center Abidjan
Ivory Coast

The Master Franchise West Africa began its development through openings of repair centres in Abidjan, the capital of Ivory Coast. The technical teams await in Plateaux-Vallons and in the Médiastore Cap Sud.

Phone Service Center London
United Kingdom

The pilot point of the Master Franchise Dominican Republic opened in March 2015 in the capital Santo Domingo. This is the only master franchise started by two French entrepreneurs – including a multi- PSM franchisee – and not local people.

Phone Service Center Tunis La Marsa

The first two Phone Service Centers in the MENA area were opened in Tunisia in January 2015, in Tunis : in the neighborhood La Marsa and in centre-ville. The other two repair centres are located in the cities of Sousse and Menzah.


Israel Phone Service Center network opened its flagship in the city of Raanana on September 30th 2016. New implementations may soon open.







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