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10 Things to Do With Your Old Cell Phone

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As technology rapidly advances, it’s no surprise that our trusty companions, cell phones, are often replaced and forgotten within a few short years. We’ve all been there — staring at that sleek new device in our hands while our old one sits idly in a drawer, collecting dust. But what if you could still get some use out of your retired smartphone? In this article, we’ll explore ten clever and practical tips on what to do with old cell phones to give them a new lease on life.

1. Sell or Trade it in

When it comes to parting ways with your old smartphone, one of the most straightforward and financially rewarding options is to sell or trade it in. While you may think your device has lost all its value, you’ll be surprised by how much it can still fetch. Even better, it’s an eco-friendly choice that helps reduce electronic waste.

The process should be a hassle-free experience. At Mobile Klinik, we offer a simple and convenient way to sell your phone:

  1. Get an online quote to get a general estimate of how much you can expect. Keep in mind that your online quote and in-store evaluation may differ after our on-site specialists inspect the condition of your old cell phone.
  2. Bring your device to one of our many locations across Canada.
  3. Confirm the value of your phone with our technicians.
  4. We will safely remove all your information before you part ways with it.
  5. Get paid.

By selling or trading in old cell phones, you not only put some extra cash in your pocket but also contribute to the circular economy. Your device will undergo proper refurbishment and find a new home, extending its lifespan. And, if your device is deemed unusable, we’ll recycle it properly.

Keep in mind that selling to non-established buyers, like those on public marketplaces, can pose privacy risks if you don’t wipe your data correctly. That’s why selling to a reputable brand like ours offers the peace of mind that your information is always protected. We can transfer your data safely to your new phone or a USB and ensure your old device undergoes a factory reset. 

2. Give it to a Family Member or Friend

While you may have upgraded to a newer model, your old device can still find purpose in the hands of someone close to you.

Consider the needs and circumstances of your loved ones. Perhaps your younger sibling or cousin needs their first phone, or your parents or grandparents need a simple way to stay connected. Before handing it over:

  • Clear your personal data and factory reset the device.
  • Wipe the dust and dirt off the exterior for a clean slate.
  • Perform any repairs to enhance your loved one’s experience. For example, whether you have a cracked screen or faulty speaker, our expert technicians at Mobile Klinik can help you hand over your device in a like-new condition.
  • If necessary, guide your loved one through the setup process or even install helpful apps and customize their settings with them.

Giving your old cell phone to a family member or friend not only extends its longevity and reduces e-waste, but it’s also a nice gesture — it’s a wonderful way to pass on a practical gift and help someone stay with the times in our increasingly digital world.

3. Recycle It

If your previous device is beyond repair or holds no significant value, recycling it is a responsible and eco-friendly option. Instead of letting it gather dust in a drawer or throwing it in the trash, recycling ensures that valuable materials are recovered and reused. Such materials include:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Copper

Recycling also prevents hazardous materials, like batteries, from ending up in landfills, where they can harm the environment.

Start by researching local recycling programs or facilities that accept electronic devices. Many communities have designated drop-off points or collection events specifically for e-waste. Additionally, various retail stores and mobile service or repair providers offer recycling services for old cell phones. At Mobile Klinik, if your phone cannot be refurbished and sold to someone else, we will happily take it off your hands and recycle it.

4. Use it as an Alarm Clock

Even if your retired device may not be the latest and greatest compared to your new phone, it can still serve a practical purpose as an alarm clock. To use your old cell phone this way, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Disable any incoming calls or notifications to prevent disturbances during your sleep.
  • Step 2: Set the phone on charge, if necessary, and place it on a nightstand within reach.
  • Step 3: Explore the alarm clock features on your device. Most cell phones have built-in alarm apps that allow you to customize wake-up times, choose different alarm tones, and set recurring alarms for weekdays or weekends.

Using your old phone as an alarm clock can help you establish healthy sleep routines by keeping your primary one away from your bedside. This separation reduces the temptation to check emails, social media, or notifications before going to bed or immediately upon waking up.

5. Donate it

Donating your device can make a meaningful difference in someone else’s life, especially for those who don’t have the financial resources to purchase cell phones. Before giving it away, ensure it works properly and reset it to factory settings to remove all personal data.

Many non-profit organizations, schools, or community centres have programs aimed at making technology more accessible. They may distribute the donated devices to students, low-income families, or individuals in challenging circumstances.

6. Use it for Reading

Your old cell phone can find a new purpose as a dedicated reading device. Transform it into a portable library, allowing you to enjoy your favourite books, articles, and news on the go. This will require downloading an e-reader app, which will provide you access to a vast collection of digital books, usually for purchase or, in some cases, with limited titles for free.

Keep in mind that accessing apps for reading often requires a network connection. So, if your old device no longer works using data, you’ll need Wi-Fi to purchase and download your reads.

7. Use it for Music

Turning your old cell phone into a dedicated music player allows you to free up space on your primary phone while giving you seamless access to your favourite tunes anytime.

You can use music streaming apps, like Spotify, Apple Music, or Google Play Music, with internet connectivity or download playlists to listen to later. Alternatively, if you have a music library on your current phone, you can connect it to your computer and transfer songs to the old one.

8. Use it as a GPS in Your Car

Enjoy the convenience of turn-by-turn directions without relying on your primary phone or investing in a separate GPS device. Start by ensuring your old cell phone has a GPS feature and is compatible with navigation apps like Google Maps or Apple Maps.

Keep in mind that many of these apps rely on cellular data, so if your old phone doesn’t have a data plan, pre-download the route over Wi-Fi before you start your journey. Ensure you also have access to a charger or USB port to keep the device running during your trip.

9. Home Security Camera

Give your old device a new role as a home security camera to enhance the safety and surveillance of your living space. Start by downloading a reliable home security app on both your old cell phone and your primary device. These apps allow you to turn your retired model into a Wi-Fi-connected security camera that you can access remotely from your current phone.

Position your old phone’s camera in a strategic location, such as near entry points or areas of concern, and ensure it has a power source to keep it on. You can configure the settings in the app to enable features like motion detection and push notifications. This way, you’ll get an alert whenever movement is detected.

10. Repurpose it for Kids 

Consider using your old cell phone as a device specifically for kids by creating a restricted user profile or enabling parental controls to ensure a safe and controlled digital experience.

You can install educational apps, games, and age-appropriate content that can entertain and engage children. This allows them to enjoy screen time while offering control over the apps they access. It also prevents them from accidentally accessing sensitive information and making unauthorized purchases. Additionally, this option saves you money from buying an entirely new device.

Make the Most of Your Old Device

There are many creative ways to extend the lifespan of your old smartphone without throwing it into the landfill or letting it collect dust in your drawer. Use these tips to give your phone another purpose and contribute to a more sustainable, circular economy. If you decide that selling your phone is the right option for you, visit us at Mobile Klinik so you can get paid, and we can repurpose it for a new owner.

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