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Bulk Certified Pre-Owned Devices

Unlock significant savings when you choose to place a bulk order of certified pre-owned devices (CPOs) instead of new ones. Our CPOs undergo rigorous inspection to ensure they function like new and are backed by a 1-year warranty.

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Centrally Managed Repairs

All repairs are performed in-house which guarantees top quality repairs through strict quality control measures. Either mail-in your device or walk into one of our 110+ locations in Canada.

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Bulk Trade-In

Receive a TELUS mobility bill credit when you trade-in your old fleet of devices.

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Accessories & Protection

We can fulfill bulk orders of various charging and protection accessories or get the all-inclusive Protection bundle for ultimate protection and peace of mind.

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What is device lifecycle management?

Device lifecycle management (DLM) is the process of managing and optimizing the lifecycle of a device. It accounts for all stages of its lifespan which include planning, procurement, deployment, maintenance, dismantling, and disposal.

Why does device lifecycle management matter?

Working with a device lifecycle management partner simplifies operations, reduces device-related costs, and improves productivity across an organization. Having a DLM partner that can procure, deploy, repair, and dispose of devices takes the load off of your IT team.

DLM partners bring technological expertise, enabling customized solutions and efficient sourcing of devices and accessories, resulting in significant savings. Repairing devices in case of accidents extends their lifespan and is more cost-effective than buying new ones. Additionally, repairing a device instead of setting up a new one minimizes downtime, which maximizes productivity.

Bulk Certified Pre-Owned Phones

What are certified pre-owned phones?

Certified pre-owned phones or CPOs are previously owned devices that function like new. Providing refurbished devices as corporate devices is similar to how organizations provide refurbished laptops, headsets, and other equipment to their employees. Our CPOs undergo a 64-point inspection test to ensure like-new functionality and come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

What are the benefits of certified pre-owned phones?

CPOs are 50% less expensive than new device retail pricing which results in significant savings for organizations. The thorough refurbishment and inspection process of CPOs also ensures high quality assurance and eliminates the risk of defect devices, which can cause costly downtime.

Purchasing CPOs allows for custom solutions that suit your device requirements and budget constraints. We carry a wide range of brands, device models, and grades of CPOs which gives organizations flexibility in choosing the right device for their needs.

Top Quality Repairs

Extending the lifespan of a device instead of replacing it had many advantages. As repairs are cheaper than new devices, organizations save costs on hardware and downtime. Repairs also keep devices out of landfills which helps combat against the growing issue of electronic waste.

Our expert trained technicians are Apple, Samsung, and Google certified and can fix a wide range of hardware and software issues. Mobile Klinik performs all repairs in-house which guarantees top quality repairs and data security through strict quality control measures. Businesses can receive discounts on bulk repair services and have the option of mailing-in the device(s) or walking into one of our 110+ locations across Canada.

Trade-In & Disposal

Device lifecycle management ends with the disposal of the devices. A device lifecycle management partner can keep phones out of landfills and safely dismantle the devices. All devices can be tracked from drop-off to dismantling which ensures all data is secure and wiped.

TELUS customers can receive a mobility credit when they trade in their fleet of devices.

Accessories & Protection

Another way of extending the lifespan of your device is to protect it with accessories such as shock absorbing phone cases and screen protectors. Using the correct charging accessories with the appropriate voltage is important to maintain the battery health and longevity.

Mobile Klinik offers the all-inclusive Protection Bundle which includes an impact-resistant phone case, tempered glass screen protector, and 2 years of unlimited screen repairs. The Protection Bundle and other protection or charging accessories can be fulfilled in bulk quantities for business.

Why Mobile Klinik

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Account Management

With Monthly billing, 1-1 personalized support, quick response times, and technological expertise, our team will be there to help every step of the way.

Top Quality Devices & Repairs

Our certified pre-owned devices undergo a 64-point inspection to ensure they function like new. Our expert technicians are Apple, Samsung and Google certified.

Bulk Discount for Business

We offer bulk discounts on high volume orders of certified-pre owned devices.

Minimal Downtime

Reduce costly downtime by walking into the nearest store or by mailing the device in. In-store repairs are often completed in less than 60 minutes and mail-in repairs will be sent back fixed the day we receive it.

Protection of Sensitive Information

Our team is trained in data security to ensure your information remains secure. You never have to worry about sensitive information as we can track your device from drop-off to dismantling.

Success stories

Fairmont Hotels

Overview Fairmont Hotels (Fairmont) simplified their cleaning and servicing operations by purchasing a bulk order of certified pre-owned phones for their housekeeping staff. Mobile Klinik fulfilled a volume order of… Continue reading


Overview Glencore is one of the world’s largest natural resource companies whose primary sectors of business include trading and mining commodities. Glencore required a volume order of 500 cost-effective devices… Continue reading

Crosslinx Constructors

Overview Crosslinx Transit Solutions (Crosslinx) was established to deliver and maintain a light rail transit (LRT) project in Toronto, Canada. To facilitate project management through the use of mobile applications… Continue reading

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Device lifecycle management is the process of managing and optimizing the entire lifespan of a device, from acquistion to disposal. By utilizing device lifecycle management, organizations can maximize the value and efficiency of their devices while minimizing costs.

As a leading device lifecycle management company, we are dedicated to supporting all your mobile device needs, from deployment to disposal. Whether you require certified pre-owned phones with kitting, repairs, charging and protection accessories, trade-in or disposal services for old devices, we have got you covered. Please reach out to for general inquiries and we will get back to you within one business day.

We are happy to provide a customized quote for your bulk order of certified pre-owned phones and/or repairs. Please reach out to and we will respond to your inquiry within 1 business day.

To place an order or inquire about our products and services, please contact our business team at Rest assured, we will respond to all inquiries within one business day.

Setting up an account as a Business customer with Mobile Klinik ensures easy and convenient billing. Enjoy the flexibility of direct billing with net 30 day terms or the option to pay by credit card.

For any inquiries regarding pricing, availability of mobile devices, or any other general questions, we kindly ask for your patience and allow us 1 business day to respond.

If you are interested in ordering certified pre-owned phones or charging and protection accessories, we will fulfill and deploy your order within 3 business days.

For mail-in repairs, we will complete them promptly within 3 business days. If you prefer in-store repairs, we will have them completed within 1 business day for your convenience.

We specialize in fixing a wide range of software and hardware issues, including faulty charging ports, battery replacements, and screen repairs. Our team of expert technicians is dedicated to providing top-notch service, using only premium quality parts to ensure the highest level of performance and durability.

Certified pre-owned phones function like new and you can save up to 50% off when you buy pre-owned phones versus brand new. All CPOs have undergone a 64-point inspection test to ensure they are safe and functional to use and are backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind.

Yes! Our certified pre-owned phones go through a 64-point inspection by a trained, professional technician to ensure they function like new. They are fully functional, unlocked, and safe, and ready to use.

Unlock big savings when you take advantage of our bulk order option for certified pre-owned phones. Enjoy significant discounts, starting at 20% cheaper than retail pricing, when you place business orders with Mobile Klinik.

Yes! Our certified pre-owned phones are fully compatible with popular business management software such as Apple DEP and Samsung KNOX. You can seamlessly integrate CPO devices into your existing management systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

All devices undergo a 64-points inspection test by a trained, professional technician to ensure they function like new. The grade of the CPO is determined based on its cosmetic appearance and is categorized into four tiers: Like-New, Great, Very Good, and Good. Having multiple grades gives you the flexibility to choose a device best-suited for your business needs.

All certified pre-owned phones are fully inspected, rigourously tested, and guaranteed with an industry leading one-year manufacturer warranty. For full details please see our Terms & Conditions here.

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