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13 Apps that You Didn’t Know You Needed

5 Apps That You Didn’t Know You Need

When Apple’s App Store opened in July 2008, it had 500 applications for your iPhone. Today, it has more than two million. If you’re an Android user, you’re probably heading to the Google Play Store, which now has more than 2.5 million apps. So, if you’re tired of scrolling through countless apps and spending hours reading reviews just to find a useful one that you’ll want to download, we hear you!

We’ve put together a handy list of apps, organized by type, that you didn’t know you needed – until now. Let’s explore them together!

Apps for Getting Around and/or Planning Your Day


Waiting for the bus for what feels like hours on end? You need Transit. With this app, you can view all the possible transit options around you, including Uber and even car-sharing options like Car2Go. You can also enter directions and it will find the best route possible while listing all the other routes – so you can make a decision that suits you best. It’s the most efficient way to get around.

7 Minute Workout Training Challenge

Need to get in shape but always find an excuse not to do it? If you’re finding excuse after excuse to avoid working out, then this app is for you. This exercise app provides you with a variety of quality seven-minute workouts that need no equipment. That means you can finally get fit in the comfort of your home without having to scroll through endless YouTube videos to find the ones you need. Much of the content is free, but you can get additional workouts for an additional fee. So, no more excuses – it’s a lot cheaper than a gym membership, and it only takes seven minutes out of your morning or night!


No longer just a restaurant reservation app, OpenTable will now let you do some pretty cool things. If you have Apple Pay downloaded, you can actually pay for your meal with OpenTable. It also has an Invite Guests feature that will let you send dinner invitations and share restaurant reservation details through iMessage with all your friends. Hungry yet?


Keen on venturing outside of your home city or town, possibly even to another province or country? Airbnb’s got you covered, providing you with access to incredible vacation experiences to suit every budget, special feature need, and location preference. For everything from entire multi-bedroom homes to private rooms, there’s ample choice. You can even narrow down options based on your intended travel dates, whether you need a pet-friendly property, and otherwise.

Uber Eats

We’ve mentioned Uber, which everyone knows about, but what if you’re getting hungry and don’t feel like cooking? Uber Eats is a top-notch, tummy-filling option that is well worth exploring. Not only does it give you real-time pricing and availability for menu items from restaurants and eateries in your local area, but you can also take advantage of deals that discount or even remove delivery fees. Other times, you might get a freebie for spending a certain amount of money on an order, such as extra fries or otherwise.

Apps that Serve as Powerful Tools

Otter Voice Notes

There’s nothing more annoying than having a brilliant idea come to mind, except you can’t make a note because your hands are full or you can’t find a paper and a pen. Otter Voice Notes makes taking notes a breeze. All you need to do is talk into it and the app will automatically transcribe what you say, using AI technology. It also makes recording a meeting or an important speech simple. Once the audio is recorded, it will transcribe it and allow you to listen to the recording. You can even search for a word and Otter Voice Notes will find it in all of your recordings. You can also share recordings and store them in a cloud for easy access. Note-taking has never been easier.


If you’re like most people, you struggle to keep a detailed account of your finances. Fortunately, there’s an app for that too! Mint allows you to connect all of your banking accounts, retirement accounts and loans directly into the app so that you can keep track of your money. Plus, you can track your spending habits by setting monthly limits on things like eating out, groceries, or gas, and the app will let you know when you exceed your limit. It can also provide you with helpful tips as well as insights on where you stand based on your financial goals.


Sick and tired of having to create new passwords for everything you use, only to forget them in the attempt to make each of them unique and, therefore, more secure? Fear not, as Lastpass is like having your own dedicated Fort Knox to store all logins safely. It is highly encrypted while ensuring you can easily log into essential apps, websites, and services. Give it a shot today!


Another note-taking alternative is Notability. This is an awesome choice for those who take a lot of notes and need to organize them cleanly and efficiently, making them harder to lose track of. Not only that, but for tablet or smartphone users who have devices that support stylus input, Notability offers you the ability to jot down your next great idea as if you were using pen and paper. That’s good news for you Apple Pencil and Galaxy Note users out there!

Entertainment Apps


Spotify is the gold standard for music listening on the go. Download songs or entire albums for offline listening, create fully customizable playlists with super-quick song additions made possible by AI recommended picks. It’s affordable as well, available in single-user or family plans as well as even more cost-effective pricing for students.

Apple Music

If you’re one of hundreds of millions around the world who love their iPhones, Apple Music is a wonderful alternative to Spotify. It’s super streamlined and easy to navigate, your purchases as well as favourite tracks are available on all Apple devices logged into your iCloud account, and there’s even a high-fidelity lossless audio option available that delivers even higher-quality music. What’s not to love?


Almost everyone has YouTube installed on their phone or tablet – or even both! From documentaries to epic fail compilations, travel and tourism videos to helpful DIY tips, there’s an ever-expanding amount of streaming video content uploaded every day. If you sign up for YouTube Premium, you not only don’t ever have to see another pesky ad again but can also download your favourite videos for enjoyment offline – perfect for those long train or plane rides!


Reading is fundamental, and we’re firm believers in the power of storytelling. Kindle is one of several e-reading options readily available on smartphones and tablets, and it offers one of the largest selections of books. From literary fiction to horror, how-to guides to self-help guru tip texts, there’s no shortage of new stories to discover. Best of all, you don’t need a dedicated piece of special hardware to use Kindle – your current device will work just fine!

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