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15 Must-Have Cell Phone Accessories in 2022

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Perhaps you’re the owner of a beautiful, sleek new iPhone or Android, and you want to get the very most out of your years-long experience with such a powerful and capable device. Or, maybe you’ve purchased one of our refurbished smartphones and are wondering about the accessories that are best suited for it. Regardless of your mobile needs, our technicians know these devices inside out and are happy to provide a breadth of recommendations when it comes to must-have cell phone accessories.

Let’s explore these in more detail to help you determine how and where best to find these wonderful accessories so that you can start enjoying them right away. Let’s dive in!

Our Picks for Must-Have Phone Accessories

While you certainly don’t need every single one of our recommendations below, they’re each well worth considering. These 15 accessories can help to improve the usability, enjoyment, durability, and/or longevity of your favourite device! Our picks include the following:

A Fast Charger and Compatible Cable

There’s nothing worse than sitting around and waiting for your phone to top up enough to trust that it can last throughout your day. Moreover, many flagship phones – including the newest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy flagships – don’t include a charger in the box. If you’re tired of using slow, less powerful five-watt charging cubes that result in painfully lengthy charging times, investing in a fast charger is the way to go.

One of the key benefits of USB-C technology is much faster-charging speeds, which is why this type of connection has become largely standardized across modern smartphones. Of course, you need to ensure that the cable you use with your fast charger, which is usually detachable, is capable of delivering more power to your phone. Moreover, it’s best to check what wattage your phone supports for charging bricks, just to ensure you’re getting the fastest charging possible on your device.

Wireless Charger

Most wireless chargers adopt the Qi standard, so they’re very reliable and efficient while also supporting your device. Smartphones that are enabled for wireless charging typically have a glass back, enabling the power to be delivered to the phone’s battery more effectively than with a metal or thick plastic back. As a result, the latest flagship iPhones and Android phones have used glass backs for several years now.

A wireless charger is rather fun and hassle-free to use – simply place your phone onto it, and it will automatically start charging. There’s no need to plug in cables or go digging for that elusive wire buried deep within your nightstand. This helps to alleviate port strain as well, since repeated plugging in and unplugging of a wired charger has the slight potential of wearing out the connection within the phone. This is more common on USB-C ports than with Apple’s proprietary Lightning port, though it’s a very rare occurrence.


From the sleek-as-ever and powerful Apple Watch series to alternatives from the likes of Samsung and more, there are plenty of choices when it comes to smartwatches that pair perfectly with your smartphone. These have come a long way since they first surged in popularity half a decade ago, and new features primarily geared towards health, wellness, and mobile convenience have been added as time has gone on. Monitor your breathing and heartbeat or even take an electrocardiogram on the go, for example. Or, pair with wireless earbuds to take a call using GPS technology!

Smartwatches are ideal for those seeking a healthy, active lifestyle with goals that they want to track and hit, featuring applications geared towards watching your diet, steps and running sessions, and so much more. Whether you love working out or simply want to keep tabs on the basics, we highly recommend investing in a well-reviewed smartwatch – just be sure to choose one that is designed to work with your phone if you want to get the most use out of it.

Apple MagSafe Accessories

Starting with the iPhone 12 series, with the iPhone SE being an exception, Apple has introduced Magsafe technology that was previously popular on their MacBook Pro models. Phones that work with the new Magsafe accessories – cases, wallets, wireless chargers, and even external battery banks – include a ring of magnets behind their glass back. That way, when you connect one of these special accessories, they stick to your phone and won’t let go. It works like magic, and this is a fun option for iPhone owners that is well worth checking out!

Car Mount

On the road a lot? First, we should preface that you should keep your eyes on the wheel and your surroundings rather than any screens, both to protect yourself as well as those in the world around you. That said, perhaps you’ve stopped on the side of the road and want to set a Siri or Google Assistant-directed GPS route that doesn’t require you to look at your phone. Or, maybe you need to take a quick hands-free call or wish to change the playlist currently looping through your vehicle’s Bluetooth-connected speakers.

Car mounts designed to hold your phone firmly in place and within quick reach are excellent tools for these solutions and more. You can access critical information more quickly, set up routes on the fly, and reduce the need to look downwards at your console where the phone would almost certainly be placed normally. This can also protect your device from sliding around or getting damaged if you need to slam the brakes or take a tight turn, which reduces the risk of an additional distraction in trying to rescue it.

Wireless Earbuds

AirPods and, more recently, AirPods Pro are by far the most popular wireless earbud options for iPhone users. Android owners tend to use equally impressive alternatives from the likes of Sony, Bose, Skull Candy, Cellairis Audio-Barracuda and other brands known for top-notch earphones. Regardless of which ones you decide to use with your smartphone, they come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention a wide array of unique feature sets.

What are you looking for? Perhaps high-fidelity audio streaming over Bluetooth with support for the proper codecs? Or, if this all sounds too technical, maybe you’re simply looking for wireless earbuds that fit your ears perfectly and last the longest on a single charge. Alternatively, maybe you’re interested in features like transparency mode or noise cancellation, which both use built-in microphones to let you hear more or less of the world around you. Lastly, what about the microphone you speak into on calls – do you want something that picks up your voice perfectly, even in windy conditions? Or are voice calls something you prefer to do on your phone itself directly? And hey, what about working out? Do you need earbuds that have a hook or other means of staying put when moving about, such as when on a run?

These are just some of the questions to ask yourself when narrowing down wireless earbud options, as there are oodles of them out there to choose from at all sorts of varying price ranges.

AUX Headphone Dongle

Perhaps you don’t like the idea of having yet another device to charge, as would be the case with wireless earbuds. Or maybe you’re into tried-and-true technology for your listening pleasure that just works when you plug it in, such as AUX wired earbuds. These tend to deliver exceptional audio quality for all your entertainment or calling needs, and many include excellent microphones for voice calls instead of speaking into the handset itself.

Regardless, if you have a newer phone, it’s unlikely that you have an AUX port on it. Modern phones are simply too slim with too many components and features housed in such a tight space to accommodate for them. Thankfully, there is a workaround in the form of a headphone dongle. This is a short wire that will have an AUX port on one end for wired headphones. The other end will have either USB-C or Apple’s Lightning connector for plugging into your phone’s charging port. This way, you can enjoy your wired earphones without having to buy a wireless pair!

Bluetooth Speaker

Whether for those camping trips, tropical vacations, road trips or anything in-between, there are all sorts of awesome-sounding Bluetooth speakers out there nowadays. These boast long battery life, plenty of bass (especially on larger models), and some even include an AUX port for a wired connection to your phone. Many are water-resistant and some even float, perfect for that accidental slip from a poolside table. You may even be able to connect your phone to multiple speakers of the same brand and model, creating your own portable stereo system.

Apple Pay or an Android Alternative

While not a physical accessory, this is an important tool when it comes to keeping payments made with your phone secure and safe. Apple Pay or an alternative official option from an Android manufacturer (like Samsung Pay or Google Pay) encrypts your card data and ensures that it isn’t sent anywhere – it’s all housed securely within your phone where not even the software provider can obtain private details. Whether you shop online or tap your phone at the local coffee shop, this is a handy “accessory” that is well worth using – especially when paired with features like Apple’s Face ID system!

A High-Quality Smartphone Case

From bumps and drops to scrapes, scuffs, and flings, your phone is endlessly jostled about during its operational lifetime. Having the right case for your durability needs is important, as this helps to prevent cosmetic and/or severe damage, the latter of which could otherwise result in your phone needing to be repaired or replaced.

Smartphone cases a few years back weren’t much to write home about in the looks department, but designs and styles have come a long way. Nowadays, there’s everything from premium leather folios and bumpers to near-invisible cases that are super thin while protecting against scratches. Bearing in mind that many modern cell phones feature glass backs that can crack or shatter, much like the screens of these devices themselves, it’s more important than ever to get a case that fits properly and offers some form of drop protection. This can help to keep your device’s resale value high for when it’s time to upgrade, and we’ll be happy to give you the best possible price if you choose to sell it to us!

We recommend investing in a high-quality case with shock-absorbent material lining its inner edge, and it ought to have a raised lip on the front and back as well, similar to our SmartShield Screen Protector and Cellairis Cases. These lips protect both your screen and the camera bump common on many modern cell phones from damage when set down on a surface. In addition, it’s a good idea to get a case that covers the buttons on your phone to protect them from getting scuffed up or otherwise damaged.

Travel Charging Adaptors

Heading overseas? It’s important to note that outlets around the world tend to differ. An outlet in Canada is very different from one in the United Kingdom, for instance, and the same applies to some Asian countries. Having a travel charger or attachable adaptor that matches the design and energy needs of foreign outlets means being able to stay charged up when travelling far from home. Otherwise, if you run out of power, you’ll have a hard time recharging and staying in touch with others, which is a risk that simply isn’t worth taking.

Screen Protector

Not all screen protectors are made equal. Some feel like a sticker and use plastic, which is fine in a pinch but won’t do much in the event of a more serious drop. Instead, look for tempered glass with a high hardness rating that doesn’t break apart when compromised. The screen protector you install on your phone should shatter in one solid piece, like a spiderweb, if it is damaged in a fall while still preventing your actual screen from developing any damage itself. Not only that, but pay close attention to the cut-outs on your screen protector to ensure it doesn’t cover any microphone holes, selfie cameras, or other similar features that some phones tend to have embedded into their displays.

Pop Socket

From Tik-Tok to Instagram, Twitter to Facebook and much more, the art of the selfie is practiced by many smartphone owners. If you’re one of them, you know how important it is to maintain a steady, stable grip on your device while ensuring you still get the perfect shot. This also helps when shooting selfie videos to avoid the phone shaking too much. Pop Sockets and other similar products can attach to the rear of the phone, and some cases even feature them built right in. It’s like having a retractable handle on the back of your device that can then be hidden away when you don’t need it!

UV Sterilizer

In these challenging times amidst the ongoing pandemic, it’s a good idea to put your health and safety first. This is especially important if you have to commute to the office, a long-term care home, a factory, or another type of workplace that doesn’t allow for remote work. UV sterilizers sound like expensive accessories, but they’re actually not badly priced at all. Placing your phone inside one after being out and about, within its case as it will also pick up bacteria, helps to reduce the risk of catching any cold or flu bugs currently out there.

UV sterilizers make use of ultraviolet (UV) light to kill unwanted germs and bacteria accumulating on your screen, buttons, sides, or even the rear of the phone. It’s important to get a UV sterilizer that doesn’t have fancy windows on it – the less you can see your phone, the more effective the process will be. This only takes a few minutes each day to do, so it’s well worth it for the added peace of mind!

Battery Bank (Portable Charger)

Lastly, what about staying charged when away from an outlet? Battery banks have been around for years now, which means that they’re generally more affordable as the technology isn’t exactly cutting-edge. These remain extremely useful and powerful accessories that can hold multiple phone charges – dozens of them, on larger models – to ensure you never need to worry about running for the nearest outlet.

The result of having a battery bank that’s charged up and ready to go means having interruption-free vacations, road trips, and music marathons. There are slim, ultraportable battery banks readily available that even feature USB-C technology, which means that your phone can charge even faster when plugged into it! Not only that, but many battery banks include multiple ports on them, allowing for you and several of your friends or travel buddies to plug in their devices at the same time. There’s no shortage of options, so you’re sure to find a battery bank that fits your price, charge capacity, durability, and connectivity needs.

Where to Buy Phone Accessories

If you’re unsure where to find some of these accessories for your smartphone, fear not, as we at Mobile Klinik carry many of them ourselves at our locations across Canada! Whether you’re in need of a faster charger or a replacement, a sleek yet protective new case that better matches your style, we’re sure to have the ideal accessory – and pricing – for your everyday mobile user needs. Feel free to stop in and pay us a visit or give your nearest Mobile Klinik location a call for more details.

Do I Need All of These Phone Accessories?

Not at all! In fact, you can get by very easily with a good case, a single fast charger and compatible cable, and a screen protector to help look after your smartphone. That being said, there are many more accessories out there that can serve either as useful tools, ways to take your entertainment and enjoyment of the device further, or even a little bit of both! Some of the accessories we’ve mentioned, such as UV sterilizers, help to keep your phone free of germs and unwanted bacteria, which is something that we all tend to be mindful of given the challenging conditions faced around the world at the time of writing this article.

Alternatively, when it comes to wireless chargers, battery banks, fast chargers and other similar accessories, these are ideal for extending the usability of your device without having to wait at an outlet. Many of these accessories, including battery banks and Apple’s incredible Magsafe add-ons for the iPhone 12 and 13 series, allow you to stay topped up even when on the go. Additionally, power your device with our Cellairis Power adaptor, offering you a fast, reliable, efficient charging experience. Whether you’re a power user or have a phone with a degrading battery that you don’t see the need to replace just yet, these accessories are an ideal workaround in fighting battery drainage (along with changing up your usage habits and minimizing strain on the device, of course).

Want to learn more about our available selection of must-have cell phone accessories? Or, do you need your device repaired? Find your nearest Mobile Klinik location today to get started, or stop by to chat with our friendly and knowledgeable technicians!

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