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3 Reasons to Keep Your Old Phone (and 3 Reasons to Get a New One)

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Perhaps your phone took a plunge, you ran over it by mistake, or it just stopped working altogether. Is it time for a new phone? Think again before jumping to that conclusion. Often, folks tend to be drawn to shiny, sleek new designs and features.

If you’re not due for an upgrade for a while or if your current phone is relatively new, chances are that you don’t need to upgrade. After all, a new phone isn’t something that most folks tend to purchase every year!

With this in mind, there are several good reasons to keep your old phone. But, on the flip side, there are perfectly viable reasons to get a new model. To help our readers understand when the right time to upgrade really is, let’s go over examples of each.

Why Keep Your Old Phone?

A One-Hour Repair Might Restore it to Like-New Condition

If you’re thinking of upgrading to a new phone just because of a battery that doesn’t hold a charge or a cracked screen, hold up. We can easily fix these issues right here at Mobile Klinik, so there’s no need to invest in a brand-new phone! Most common issues can be repaired in 60 minutes or less at any of our locations across Canada.

If it’s Not Outdated, it’s Worth Hanging Onto It

Sometimes, our wants overpower our needs. Never has this been truer when it comes to smartphone upgrade cycles, when perfectly good and useful devices are chucked by the wayside for something more exciting and modern. However, if your phone is still perfectly suited to your use case and everyday needs, are you really missing out by staying with it? We doubt it!

Maximize Return on Investment

If you paid full price for your iPhone or Android flagship a couple of years ago, switching to something even sleeker and newer might be tempting. However, you likely don’t need the new features these devices have if your current phone isn’t too long in the tooth. Consider hanging onto your device for a bit longer to maximize the value of your investment. Then, for the best return on the investment, stop by one of our stores to sell your phone for the best price possible!

Why Get a New Phone?

Your Current Phone Doesn’t Receive Software Updates Anymore

A phone that doesn’t get software updates is a phone that is more susceptible to hacks, viruses, and performance issues as apps continue to update and become more demanding on the internal hardware. This usually happens when a phone is four or five years old, though iPhones are known to receive the longest-lasting support in terms of software updates.

You Need a Specific Feature Only Available on Newer Models

If you use your smartphone for a lot of photography, or Facetime calls, a high-resolution camera system for everything from selfies to video calls and scenery snapshots is essential. However, if you need a better camera without shelling out for a DSLR and your old phone is holding you back somehow, it might be worth upgrading. This applies to other features that you want but might not have on your current phone, such as more secure methods for logging in like Face ID on newer iPhones or USB ports on newer Androids for faster-charging speeds.

Consider a Certified Pre-Owned Phone

If in the rare case where a repair service can’t fully fix your device, then it’s best to sell it for the most you can get and look into new options. Of course, you could also buy a refurbished phone, which we sell at Mobile Klinik. These devices undergo a rigorous multi-step certification process to ensure they’re as close to like-new condition as possible.

Want to learn more about our repair, buying, or selling options here at Mobile Klinik? We’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us or find our nearest location to you today!

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