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5 Holiday-Themed Apps to Get You in the Festive Spirit

5 Holiday-Themed Apps to Get You in the Festive Spirit

If you’re a fan of seasonal apps, we’ve got a line up of the best holiday-themed apps to get you in the festive spirit. Check them out below!

Ready Set Holiday!

Does “the Holidays” for you mean “lounging on the beach?” If so, gear up for your vacation with the Ready Set Holiday! app. You can monitor your destination’s weather, search tours and activities, share your countdown with friends, set reminders, view flights and hotels, and much more.

Elf Yourself Santa Booth

Looking for a fun way to spice up your holiday selfies? The Elf Yourself Santa Booth is just what you need. Add fun filters, stickers, and costumes to your selfies and then send them out to your friends and family to spread some festive cheer.

Appy Christmas

Why make your kids wait to talk to Santa when you can download the Appy Christmas app? This festive app lets your kids talk directly to Santa himself. He’ll even repeat what they say in a silly voice, so they know he’s listening to their requests. They can also play with Santa by making him laugh, dance, and even transform into a reindeer. The app also features a very nifty countdown timer so your kids can track every second until Christmas is here.

Christmas Pics Quiz Game

Looking for a fun Christmas game to play? The Christmas Pics Quiz Game will keep you entertained for hours over the holidays. It’s a simple guessing game that rewards you for figuring out the picture and spelling the words. There’s just one catch — the photo is covered by four squares. Your goal is to figure out what the picture is underneath without having to reveal what’s under the squares. And the more squares you reveal, the lower the jackpot becomes.

Elf Yourself by Office Depot

If you’re a jib-jab fan, then you’ll love playing with this app as well. With the Elf Yourself app, you just take pictures of people’s heads and put them on elf bodies. Create up to five elves for your videos and then sit back and watch the elves dance! You can even share the videos on Facebook, YouTube, and email.

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