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A Quick Guide to Preventing Cracked Device Screens

Preventing Cracked Screens

We’ve all experienced that moment of horror when your smartphone or tablet slips from your grip, tumbling towards the floor. You know before you pick it up that the screen is doomed. Cracked smartphones and tablets are a downright pain, especially considering just how dependent we have become on our mobile devices. Globally, 50% of smartphone users have experienced a cracked screen at some point, while an estimated 21% currently use phones with cracked screens. Here are some quick tips to help you steer clear of those situations.

The dangers of using a phone with a cracked screen

Using a smartphone with a cracked screen doesn’t just impact the user’s ability to use it properly, but it can also be harmful if not fixed. The main risk is small glass splinters on your fingers depending on how severe the shattered screen is. Another danger is the loss of protection that you would normally have from dirt, debris, and water. Cleaning a cracked phone screen will invite unwanted elements into the screen, making the interior more susceptible to damage. A quick screen replacement can easily fix this issue and make your phone as good as new. To avoid a shattered screen, opt for a screen protector. For ultimate protection, we recommend our SmartShield product.

Place it in a hard case or some sort of sleeve

The fact we tend to bring our phones and tablets with us just about everywhere we go means there needs to be an extra layer of protection for them. Accidents happen. So it’s best to be prepared by placing your phone in some sort of protective case, preferably a hard one for those who have extra slippery fingers. At Mobile Klinik we have a wide selection of smartphone cases and other protective accessories.

Install a screen protector

Yes, install a screen protector, even when you have a rugged case. They may seem like a flimsy transparent film but screen protectors are designed to keep your screen free of smudges, scratches and small cracks. They’re well worth the small investment and your friendly Mobile Klinik expert will install it for you.

Consistently store your phone and tablet in a safe place

Instead of throwing your phone in precarious places or somewhere you can easily forget, try to make a habit of placing your phone in a safe place. For example, instead of throwing it on the bed or into an unzipped back pocket or bag full of items, have a specific spot—either on a dresser beside the bed or a table, or a zipped inside pocket in your bag or jacket so that it won’t inadvertently fall and risk damage or getting crunched by other items.

Avoid placing items on top of your phone

Smartphones are powerful, but ultimately they are delicate devices with fragile components. They can easily get damaged when heavier objects are placed on them. This step goes hand in hand with the previous one in that having specific places that you can routinely keep your phone so that it will be safe from falling or being crushed is your best bet for avoiding a cracked screen.

Avoid leaving liquids close to your phone

Although it won’t crack a screen, liquids can do a hefty amount of damage to your screen and your phone. Avoid placing your phone alongside any form of liquids or drinks. This includes leaving your phone near a sink or toilet, or taking it to a beach unprotected. Do your phone a favour and keep it far away from water or liquids.

Whether you own an iPhone, Android device, or Blackberry, it is an expensive investment – and you should invest in keeping your phone safe and protected. Since smartphones have become such a crucial part of our every day lives, just a few mindful habits can help you steer clear of the most common accidents and increase the life and performance of your smartphone.

Fixing a Cracked Screen

If you do have a cracked screen on your mobile phone or tablet, bring it in to a conveniently located Mobile Klinik for fast, easy professional cracked screen repair while you wait. Find a location near you on our website at www.mobileklinik.ca.

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