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Common Easily Solved iPad Issues

Common Easily Solved iPad Issues

Having issues with your iPad? Don’t fret! A problem with your iPad doesn’t necessarily mean you have to call tech support or head to your nearest Apple store. You can actually fix most problems yourself. Let us show you some of the common easily solved iPad issues you can do on your own.

App Problems

Is your favourite app freezing or has everything started to slow down? You should close all your apps and relaunch them. To bring up the list of most recently opened apps, all you need to do is click on the Home button twice. Once you have found the list, just hold your finger down on each app and wait for the minus sign to appear in the left-hand corner. This will allow you to close down the app entirely and clear it from memory.

Once you relaunch it, it should return to normal operation, unless there is another problem at play like a bug in the programming. If that’s the case, try to run updates first before uninstalling the app completely or calling Apple support.

Connection Issues

Assuming that you’ve already tried to reboot your iPad to restore the wireless connection, the next step is to reboot your wireless router. A system reboot will reset the connection from the source. If you still don’t have a connection once it comes back online, try one of your other devices to see if the problem is on the service providers end and not your actual iPad. If the connection appears to work, try updating your Wi-Fi software with the latest version. Then tap Settings – General – Reset – Reset Network Settings to reset the entire network. This should restore the network for your iPad.

Not Charging

Remember, not all computer ports supply enough power to charge an iPad. If you have a “Not Charging” message appearing on your iPad, try using another port or switching to another power outlet.

Reboot Loop

If your iPad is rebooting over and over again, it may be the battery. Give your iPad a charge before attempting to reboot again. If the iPad refuses to get out of the reboot loop, plug it into a power source and hold down the Home and Power button together. Try keeping these buttons down for 15 to 30 seconds; this will help to stop the loop.


It’s also possible for your iPad to become unresponsive to touch. When this happens, first try pressing on the home button so that the system returns to normal. If that doesn’t work, press the Sleep/Wake button until the Power Off slider appears and shut it down. If you’re still having problems when you start it back up, click the Sleep/Wake button at the same time as the Home button to do a full reset. Hopefully, this will solve all your problems.

When your device is acting up to no avail, come see us at Mobile Klinik. We can help repair your iPad or hook you up with a refurbished one at a discount rate if it’s time for a new one.

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