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Here’s How to Fix Common Problems with Your Phone

How to Fix Common Problems with Your Phone

Mobile Klinik’s repair experts offer tips on how to get your phone working again

How to Fix a Cracked Screen

Regardless of whether you’ve dropped it while running across the street, it slid out of your pocket, or you accidentally whacked it against something, your phone is made of high-tech glass and is susceptible to cracks. Because screens are made of glass, a complete screen repair can only be a complete screen replacement.

Still, having a cracked screen can be distracting and dysfunctional, as well as somewhat dangerous.

  • If the cracks are minor and you can still use the phone’s apps and functions, and you don’t want to replace your screen right now, buy a high-quality screen protector to prevent further damage and consider having a professional install it.
  • Be aware that no reinforced or treated glass is ever going to fully eliminate the risk of a cracked screen and screen protectors may weaken your device’s on-screen touch capabilities.
  • If you’re very tech savvy and the DIY type, replacement screens can be purchased online. Be sure to order the recommended tools, as smartphones are made with unique, small parts.

If you’d rather your screen be fixed professionally, Mobile Klinik can help. We can replace most screens in an hour and we provide a lifetime guarantee on all parts and labour – so you know we are confident in what we do.


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water damaged mobile phone

How to Repair Water Damage

Water damage is a tough repair, even for a skilled technician, but many circuits can survive getting wet if they are not attached to a power source (ie: battery).

In addition, many modern smartphones of 2016 or later are designed to incorporate water-resistant technology.

Still, resistance is not equal to waterproof and several models commonly in use today do not offer this type of protection. If you’re taking your phone to water, you may want to invest in a custom waterproof case or dry-bag with an excellent seal, touch-friendly panels and certified protection, in advance of going anywhere. But if your phone gets soaked, nonetheless, or goes for a spin in your washing machine, there are a few steps you can take to minimize the damage before you take it to a repair centre, including:

  • Remove your device from the water (as long as it’s not attached to an electric outlet that is also submersed in water. For this, do nothing but call an expert).
  • Because water and electric power create a charge that can short your motherboard’s internal technology, if you can, immediately power off the device. Do not turn it on again before you see a repair technician.
  • If you want to take the risk to dry it out yourself, there are some tips if you’re comfortable trying:
    • Remove everything that you may be allowed access to without breaking your warranty, such as the battery cover, battery, SIM tray, and similar components.
    • Gently dry everything by hand with a soft towel or rag (and never by applying heat or by blowing air into the device).
    • You may also use a vacuum cleaner with a narrow hose attachment to suck moisture out of the phone (just be sure not to move the phone around too much or dislodge sensitive components). Also, be careful not to hold the vacuum too close to the phone and cause static electricity.
    • Don’t try the ‘put your phone in uncooked rice’ tip. There is great potential for dust to get into your phone. Stand your phone on paper towels overnight to check for water leakage and try to rotate the device every hour before you go to sleep.
    • Wait at least 24 hours or more before powering your device back on. Test the phone’s functionality.

If you are encountering issues associated with water damage to your smartphone, our experts at Mobile Klinik can help. Drop by with your device and we’ll diagnose it thoroughly. It will take more than the usual hour to repair, but we’ll do everything we can to save your data and restore your phone to working order. And if we can’t fix it, we won’t charge you.


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How to Fix Charging Issues

Is your phone charging sluggishly or not lasting for as long between charges as it normally does?

The average smartphone battery lasts about 500 cycles or 18-24 months. Charging issues could be caused by your battery, charging port, software, or all of the above. Battery and charging-related issues are commonplace in older smartphones that have received heavy use over several years, but some modern phones are still susceptible to various problems. If you’re looking to resolve the issues on your own, walk through these steps below:

  • To diagnose the problem more accurately, download an app like Ampere from the Google Play or Coconut Battery from the App Store. These tools check everything about your phone’s internal charging processes, including how much current is being drawn in and what could be causing problems with your battery.
  • Replace the charging cable with another one from the same manufacturer as your phone. Sometimes, charging issues can be caused by a faulty component in wall adapters and charging cables.
  • Check to see if your charging port is clean. At Mobile Klinik, we’re happy to do this for you and if we can take care of it with a quick clean, we’ll do that for free.
  • If the latest operating software update isn’t that important to you, you could try rolling back your operating system (OS) to an earlier version to maximize battery life.

If the above methods don’t solve your charging issues, it could mean that your phone needs to be repaired or your battery needs to be replaced. Mobile Klinik will diagnose your phone for free.

It takes about ten minutes, in store, and our expert technicians will give you a full rundown on what needs fixing in your device and how much it will cost to do so. We can perform most repairs in under an hour, and our team is highly experienced in fixing charging-related issues.


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mobile phone slowdown

How to Fix Phone Slowdown

As smartphones become outdated and new software innovations are made, they can suffer from slowdown. However, there are many ways you can restore your device to experience peak performance, including:

  • Disable or uninstall unused or memory-hogging apps (known as ‘bloatware’) to save RAM and processing power for other tasks.
  • Install lightweight versions of apps that are less intensive on the device’s components for a speedier, more streamlined experience.
  • Clear your cache in the Storage menu under Settings, and close any open apps.

If these methods haven’t worked and your phone is still suffering from slowdown, it may be an internal hardware issue. The Mobile Klinik team can inspect your device, identifying and fixing the issue in most times in under an hour, making for a convenient and speedy solution!


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How to Fix a Broken Smartphone Camera

A smartphone camera can be a difficult component to repair on your own, and whether you are able to do anything about it yourself depends on what kind of damage it has suffered. Here are two ways you may be able to fix a broken smartphone camera and restore it to working order:

  • Contact the phone manufacturer and, if under warranty, send your device out for a free or reduced-cost repair.
  • If the damage is simply to the lens cover, a replacement could be ordered online. Be sure to find a reputable seller and a lens cover kit that is made for your specific model along with the proper tools to do the repair work.

In most cases, smartphone camera repairs require the technical expertise and knowledge of a certified repair professional. Mobile Klinik can easily and efficiently repair your smartphone camera, often in as little as an hour, and using top quality parts meant for your device model.


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No matter what problems you encounter with your smartphone, the Mobile Klinik team can help! We perform expert repairs while you wait, using top-quality parts and components. We also provide a lifetime guarantee on all parts and labour, ensuring that you are satisfied with the performance of your device after stopping by one of our many locations for an inspection and repair. Contact us today to learn more!

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