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Home Phones: A Relic of the Past

Home Phones: A Relic of The Past

Twenty years ago having a home phone was the main mode of communication. If you were lucky, you had call waiting on your home phone, but the average house had one phone line that was shared by the entire family. The phone line had the tendency to be constantly busy if there were teenagers in the house. Let’s not even talk about those dark days when the home phone line doubled as an achingly slow internet connection!

21% of Households Use Cell Phones Exclusively

Clearly, and thankfully, times have changed. Statistics Canada reports that as of 2013, one in five Canadian households uses cell phones exclusively as their home phone. The truth is, the presence of a home phone has been dwindling in Canada for years. In 2010, 66% of households reported having a landline in their home, and in 2013 that percentage dropped to 56%. There is also a generational aspect to the change in phone usage patterns, as 60% of the households using only mobile phones, without a home phone, are all under the age of 35. With the growing popularity of cell phones and the shift to VoIP and other alternate forms of telecommunication, this number will continue to drop.

The takeaway: the home phone is a dying breed; as more and more Canadians begin to rely on cell phones as their sole method of telecommunication, the need to have and pay for a home phone is greatly diminished while the need to have a reliable, well-functioning smartphone is greatly increased.

83% of Canadians Own a Cell Phone

In Canada, cellphones are now commonplace. A report from Statistics Canada stated that as of 2013, 83% of Canadians own and use a cell phone. This does not mean that home phones are not also being used by many of these Canadians, but that a very high number of Canadians own and make use of a cell phone. This percentage includes baby boomers, senior citizens, and millennials alike; for Canadians, it seems mobile technology is too tempting to resist at any age.

The Smartphone Era

It is easy to see why smartphones are the device of choice for Canadians of all ages. In addition to their mobility and convenience, cell phones have evolved into so much more than a phone-on-the-go. A cell phone is a power-packed computer, telephone, camera, messaging device, web browser, personal organizer, and so much more, all within the palm of your hand. As device manufacturers continue to innovate, and improving technology makes our wildest dreams imaginable, cell phones will only continue to increase in market share as more and more Canadians embrace their many advantages.

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