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How Much is an iPhone 11 Worth?

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It seems like just yesterday that the iPhone 11 hit the market for the first time. But that was almost four years ago, and since then, we’ve seen the release of three new lines from Apple. Undoubtedly, your iPhone 11 has kept you connected, captured countless memories, and offered many entertainment experiences. As time passes, however, you might be eyeing up the next best technology or wanting to declutter your digital arsenal, which may leave you asking: How much is an iPhone 11 worth for trade-in or selling? 

In this article, we’ll dive into the factors that influence your device’s current price tag and explore ways to maximize its resale value.

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Do People Still Want the iPhone 11?

In a rapidly evolving tech landscape where new smartphone models flood the market each year, it’s natural to wonder if the iPhone 11 still holds its appeal. Despite the release of more recent models, the iPhone 11 continues to captivate buyers with its unique features and exceptional performance. For example, the iPhone 11 has:

  • A remarkable camera system: This model boasts a dual-camera system comprised of a 12 MP wide lens and ultra-wide lenses. This setup lets users capture stunning photos and videos with vibrant colours, sharp details, and excellent low-light performance.
  • An A13 Bionic Chip: This processor delivers impressive speed, smooth multitasking, and enhanced gaming capabilities. Its performance continues to hold up against newer models, which makes the iPhone 11 an attractive and affordable option.
  • A Retina Display and Design: The iPhone 11 features a beautiful 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display for vivid visuals. It’s also sleek and durable in design, perfect for those wanting the luxury Apple experience at a fraction of the price.

Used iPhone 11 Maximum Trade-in Values

Very Good

Model Apple iPhone 11 64 GB
Very Good

Model Apple iPhone XS 128 GB
Very Good

Model Apple iPhone XS 256 GB
Very Good

* Price updated as of July 2024

How to Tell the Condition of Your iPhone

Determining the condition of your iPhone 11 is a crucial step when evaluating its potential value for resale. Generally, three categories grade the condition of your device: Very Good, Good, and Acceptable. You can better understand your phone’s overall condition by closely examining its physical appearance and performance. Let’s look at these categories in more detail.

  • Very Good: Your iPhone is in Very Good condition if it works like new and shows signs of meticulous care and limited usage. It demonstrates minimal wear and tear, if any, and has likely been well-protected throughout its lifespan. This is the highest classification grade and yields the highest resale prices.
  • Good: These devices may show noticeable signs of regular use but remain in satisfactory condition. It may exhibit minor wear and blemishes, typical of day-to-day handling, yet maintains functionality without apparent issues. Despite these signs of use, it still presents an appealing option for potential buyers.
  • Acceptable: iPhones in Acceptable condition display more pronounced wear and tear but continue operating without functional limitations. You may observe visible scratches, dents, cracks, or worn corners, but it is fully operational despite this. Generally, Acceptable phones have the lowest resale value.

What was the MSRP of the iPhone 11? 

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) serves as a reference point for understanding the initial worth of your device. In Canada, the iPhone 11 started at the following prices:

  • iPhone 11 (64 GB): $979 (CAD)
  • iPhone 11 (128 GB): $1,049 (CAD)
  • iPhone 11 (256 GB): $1,199 (CAD)

What Impacts the Price of a Used iPhone 11?

When selling a used iPhone 11, several factors come into play that can influence its price in the market. By understanding these key factors, you can better evaluate and maximize the value of your device. 

1. Phone Condition

The condition of your iPhone 11 is a crucial determinant of its resale value. A well-maintained device in the Very Good category will yield higher offers, while one in the Acceptable category will do the opposite.

2. Storage 

Devices with more storage, such as 128 GB or 256 GB, tend to have higher resale values than models with smaller capacities, like 64 GB. Users often seek devices with more space to accommodate their growing multimedia and app needs.

3. Accessories and Original Packaging

Including original accessories and packaging can positively impact the price of your used iPhone 11. Items such as the charging cable, power adapter, and earphones, if in good condition, add value for potential buyers. Similarly, having the original box and documentation can enhance the overall appeal because it signals a responsible owner.

4. Market Conditions and Timing

Factors like the availability of newer models, market demand, and general economic conditions can affect the iPhone 11 value. Researching and monitoring market trends is essential to determine the optimal time to sell your device for the best possible return, such as during the holidays or just before Apple releases a new line.

Where Can I Sell My Used iPhone 11?

You have different options for selling your used iPhone 11. For example:

  • Buy-back and trade-in programs: Many authorized retailers offer trade-in or buy-back programs as a convenient option to sell your phone. For instance, at Mobile Klinik, you’ll get a Visa gift card or in-store credit when you sell us your device. This option is an efficient way to take your iPhone 11 off of your hands while also helping reduce e-waste.
  • Online: Platforms like Facebook Marketplace and eBay provide a wide reach and allow you to negotiate directly with potential buyers. 
  • Mobile Carriers: Most major mobile carriers in Canada offer trade-in programs where you can sell your used iPhone 11 directly to them. They typically provide a credit towards a new phone or plan or a lump sum payment. Check with your carrier for specific details and offers.

How Much Does an iPhone Depreciate? 

Like most electronic devices, iPhones lose value over time. The depreciation rate varies depending on several factors, including the specific model, condition, technological advancements, and market demand. On average, smartphones depreciate 26% each year. However, Apple is known to retain more value than other brands. For example, the average yearly loss over four years ranges around 14.80%. Here’s a rough overview of how an iPhone may depreciate:


Day 1  Year 1  Year 2  Year 3  Year 4 
Value (CAD) $979 $846.83 $713.45 $623.91 $490.58
Average Loss 0 -13.50% -15.75% -12.55% -21.37%


Keep in mind that this is a hypothetical example. The actual loss each year depends on the market conditions, the state of your specific device, and other economic factors. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your iPhone 11

When it’s time to sell, you likely want to maximize your iPhone 11’s value. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Clean and restore: Before selling, clean it thoroughly to ensure it looks its best. Wipe down the screen and body, and consider using a gentle cleaning solution for tougher stains. Additionally, restore your iPhone 11 to its factory settings to remove all personal data and ensure a fresh start for the new owner.
  • Offer extras: To sweeten the deal and make your iPhone 11 more appealing, consider including the original accessories, a protective case, or a screen protector. 
  • Preserve the battery life: Avoid exposing your device to extreme temperatures, which can affect battery performance. Try charging your iPhone using a reputable charger and avoid overcharging. It’s also beneficial to occasionally drain the battery to a low level before recharging.
  • Repair: If there are any functional issues, consider professional repairs before selling. Similarly, if there are any major cosmetic issues, like a cracked screen, getting a screen replacement is a good idea to ensure it’s in quality condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine market demand for the iPhone 11?

Researching online marketplaces can provide insights into the market demand for the iPhone 11. Look for similar listings and check if there is active interest and high competition. You can also note the prices of these listings to get an idea of what your device may be worth.

How do I protect my data when selling my iPhone 11?

Before selling, back up your data, sign out of all accounts, and erase your personal information with a factory reset. 

What’re the benefits of selling my iPhone 11?

Selling your used phone offers financial returns and upgrade opportunities. It promotes sustainability by extending the device’s lifespan, reducing e-waste, and making technology more accessible.

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