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How Smartphones are Changing Our World

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68% of Canadians own and use a smartphone, according to a 2015 Catalyst study. This represents a 24% increase from the year before, and the total number of smartphone users in Canada continues to rise dramatically. A smartphone is basically a wireless mobile device that lets you make phone calls but also offers additional data and video applications such as email and social media. In the 22 years since the smartphone was first launched, they’ve changed the way we consume, communicate and connect. From the way we watch TV to the way we shop and bank, and the way we find and share information, smartphones have revolutionized the world in relatively short order.

Up-to-the-Minute Information

Information is accessed and shared so rapidly. Since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007 and comparable Android devices, we have moved past the era of mobile phones into mobile computing. Today, smartphones are handheld computers encompassing a catch-all platform that continues to evolve. They have become an essential part of our daily life. From the latest news happening around the world, to finding out where the best place is to dine in your city–the smartphone user has an abundance of information accessible at their fingertips at any moment and any location. Our smartphones keep us better informed and on the right track. Weather, traffic, sports scores, stock updates…all are just a click away no matter where you are in the world.

Human Memory

From those “to do” lists, to your daily calendar, to your contact list, to the handy apps that alert us to remember something–it’s all accessible through your smartphone. It has, in a sense, become an external memory source. In addition to the breadth of human knowledge being just a Google or Yahoo search away, the capacity of your own memory is also dramatically enhanced. You know smartphones have transformed our world when remembering an anniversary is a mere app away.

Global Social Interaction and Communication

With the increased virtual communication and social interactions, smartphones have become a digital extension of ourselves across the universe. These devices encourage us to maintain and extend our connection with others and allow us to stay close to family and friends, and to learn and teach from previously inaccessible geographies. From FaceTime to Snapchat to Periscope to Skype, these apps serve to delight and unite, no matter the geographic distance.

Each and every day we grow more attached and dependent on the ability of our phones to keep us informed, connected and on task. And equally so, it has also become increasingly essential that your mobile device is working well and running efficiently at all times so that you can ensure each and everyday runs as smoothly as possible. At Mobile Klinik, our qualified technicians specialize in speedy, expert smartphone repair and advice. Visit our locations page to find a store near you!

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