How to Maximize Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

14 October 2016

How to Maximize Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

Time Magazine reported last year that collectively, Americans check their smartphones 8 billion times a day. With the average user checking their phone 85 times a day, it’s not surprising that battery life is a key feature on your smartphone. So if it always seems that your phone’s battery is just about to die when you need it most, there are ways you can squeeze more out of that battery…

Use these tips to help maximize your smartphone’s battery life.

Enable Low Power Mode

Apple added a low power mode with iOS 9; Google introduced a battery saver mode with Android Lollipop 5.0. On Apple devices, head to Settings > Battery and toggle on Low Power Mode (Battery Saver Mode on Android). You will also get an alert to activate this mode when your battery falls to 20% charge on Apple and you can tweak the alert threshold on Android devices. Low power mode/battery saver mode automatically changes settings to conserve battery life, such as reducing screen brightness, disabling email fetching and reducing the idle display time.

Close Applications

Apps are power-hungry and demand a lot of power from the CPU and GPU. To conserve battery life, shut off any apps that are not in use. Under Settings > Battery, you can see detailed battery usage of each app, including foreground and background usage. If an app is placing a large toll on your battery life, shut it down until you have time to charge. Pay attention to any app that is causing a large drain on your battery, even if you rarely use it.

Turn Off the WiFi

Having WiFi enabled can also drain your battery. When you’re down to the wire and you need to make that battery last as long as possible, it might be worth turning off your WiFi for that extra boost.

Disable Bluetooth

If you have Bluetooth enabled, this can also be a huge sucker of power usage. Disable Bluetooth until you can charge your device.

Turn Off Your GPS Tracker

Some apps, such as Google Maps, prompt you for GPS location services and will keep that setting enabled until you disable it. But many people don’t realize that the GPS location service within apps can drain your battery. So if you want your battery to last longer, turn off your GPS by going to Settings > Privacy > Locations Services and then select the appropriate setting to disable the function, until you can recharge your battery.

The next time your iPhone or Android’s battery begins to blink when you need it the most – don’t panic. Take a look at your phone and try to go through each of these points to help lower your power usage so that you can get the most out of that battery.

If you have persistent problems with battery drain or your battery fails altogether, bring your device to your nearest Mobile Klinik location for expert advice and fast and easy professional smartphone repair, while you wait!

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