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ios or Android?

iOS ou Android?

iPhone or Android? It can be a daunting decision for many people looking to leap into the world of smartphones or simply make a change from their current devices. We all have our own preferences, and that’s why we’re here to help you choose the best phone for your needs by exploring the advantages of each.

Cloud Integration

iOS – If you already own something from Apple, an iPhone may just make sense. Apple makes a wide range of products that are built to integrate seamlessly with each other. You can easily access web pages, calls, or photos from one iOS device to another, and all your data can be saved to iCloud, which makes for more convenience and ease of use.

Android – Since Android is tightly bound to Google’s applications, its intuitive cloud integration is hard to beat. Real-time data and process exchange is made easy across any device (even from Android to iPhone), as long as they all have access to your Google account. Google’s cloud also offers increased storage with 15 GB. Additionally, you can have better organization and access to your photos through the Google Photos app.


iOS – With the new iOS 16 update, you can customize your lock screen with widgets, colour preferences, emojis, photos, or wallpapers. This can ensure that you see the most valuable information as soon as you pick up your phone. For example, you can use the weather or astronomy lock screen to see atmospheric changes throughout the day. You can also create multiple lock screen versions to quickly switch between so you have a new look on hand at all times.

Android – Android allows you to personalize your device with wallpapers, widgets, app placements, and general organization. For example, you can use the navigation drawer to access your most essential tools easily. You can also customize the face of your apps to match the colour and theme of your background. For those who speak different languages, you can now pre-assign languages of your choice to specific applications so you can switch between each one seamlessly.


iOS – Has a closed-source nature, making for strict controls on hardware and software. Apple places rules on which apps are allowed into the app store, which, in theory, can reduce the risk of malware exposure. Additionally, because Apple rolls out frequent updates accessible to everyone, it provides an efficient way to enhance security. The newest iOS 16 update now allows for a “Safety Check,” where you can reset data and location sharing with specific people and apps or reset all access at once for peace of mind.

Android – The newest Android 13 operating system gives you more control over access to photos or videos. You have the option to pick specific images to share in apps instead of granting access to your entire library. In your privacy settings, you can also see which apps have used permissions over the past seven days so you can monitor any suspicious activity. Android will also automatically delete your clipboard history to avoid access to sensitive information that you previously copied.

Making Your Choice

With these advantages to consider, choosing between iOS and Android is a matter of preference. Both Apple and iOS are strong contenders when it comes to cloud integration, customization, and security, so don’t forget to also take into account other deciding factors like your overall needs and budget.

At Mobile Klinik, we have iOS and Android options for you, both new and Certified Pre-Owned (CPO). Visit us at any of our many locations across Canada to speak with our experts and find out which operating system might work best for you.

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