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Kickstart Back to School With These 7 Apps

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As reality sets back in with the new school year, you’ve got to get your body, mind, and your digital devices prepped, ready, and back on track. And thanks to the wonderful world of technology, there are a ton of apps that are helpful for your academic arsenal. Here are a few of the essential must-have back to school apps to kickstart your learning.


You guessed it – MyHomework helps you with homework. Specifically, this app helps you stay on task by reminding you of assignments, deadlines, upcoming projects or anything that you might forget about. It’s easy to use and there’s a free version of it.

Khan Academy

Whatever your nemesis school subject is, this app is here to help. From geography and history to science and math, you can find a video course here. Think of YouTube, but solely dedicated to education. Choose from over 100,000 videos on subject-specific matter. Khan Academy is like a free private tutor.

Flashcards/SuperCard Flash

Writing out cue cards is tedious, time consuming and decidedly old school. Flashcards (for iPhone) or SuperCard Flash (for Android) does the work for you. You get to create virtual flashcards with this app – it even lets you add info to both sides of a card and highlight the ones you’re having problems with.


Studying languages? Duolingo is a fantastic app that makes learning any new language easy and actually fun. You can choose from just about any language, and it combines written, visual, and auditory learning all into a great interface. You can even set reminders so it will notify you when it’s time to do a lesson.


Well known, and for good reason. You can make sharing files or assignments simple with Dropbox. Offering either a free version or Pro, you simply drop your files, photos, or multimedia into the Dropbox to share with your classmates. You can pick them up from whatever computer you’re at, school, home or a study group lab.


Again, this well known app is popular for a reason. Aside from note taking, you can set reminders, attach files, make agendas or to-do lists and even save photos, business cards or documents with the camera feature. Evernote is like a supercharged notepad.


This is for the students that feel productive in the coffee shop environment, but can’t always find the time or space to get there. Coffitivity is a nifty, bizarre app that plays ambient sounds inspired from your local café. It understands the dilemma of having a room that’s too silent to focus and music that has you singing along instead of studying. Consider this is your perfect in between.

Summer’s over, but technology’s got your back.

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