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Looking for the Best Phone Deals? Consider Used!

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It’s tempting to buy a brand-new smartphone, but why spend more when there are so many top-of-the-line devices already in need of a new owner? Is there a feature that you want that happens to be on not only the latest model but also the version released last year or further back? There are cheap cell phone deals aplenty out there, but not all are equal. That’s why we, ourselves at Mobile Klinik have set a new standard when it comes to shopping for refurbished devices, ensuring that buyers love what they bring home and are happy with their decision.

With that in mind and speaking from our experience in buying, selling, and repairing devices, we know how important a good deal is to many folks when it comes to their mobile needs. Here are several reasons why it’s a good idea to consider a used smartphone if you’re keen on getting the maximum possible value out of your purchase.

Enjoy the Sensation of Upgrading for Less

Most folks love that extra-special time when they get to trade in or otherwise upgrade a phone for a sleek, shiny new model with the latest must-have features. We honestly don’t blame them! However, what if we were to tell you that buying used offers a similar benefit for far less? While these devices may not be the latest on the market, they are still designed to impress and offer a wonderful user experience. Effectively, this means you can still enjoy the upgrading sensation, and for quite a bit less money.

Some Refurbished Sellers Buy Old Phones and Pay You!

In addition, what if you’re keen on getting the highest possible amount of credit for your old phone? Some retailers who sell refurbished phones offer incentives that provide plenty of added value. At Mobile Klinik, for instance, selling your phone to us is as easy as getting an online quote, walking into one of our stores, letting us confirm the value and wipe your device, and getting paid! If this happens to interest you, know that we even provide payment on a prepaid VISA card, which can be used almost anywhere.

Guaranteed Performance, Quality, and Reliability

During your hunt for the best-used cell phone deals, it’s important to focus on the options available from retailers who stand by what they sell. What do we mean by this? For starters, every refurbished phone should undergo a comprehensive inspection after being factory reset. This process should identify and address issues including the following and more:

  • Cosmetic defects
  • General wear and tear, including scratches, dents, cracks, chips and otherwise
  • Broken buttons and ports
  • Faulty headphone jacks
  • Degraded batteries
  • Cracked or shattered glass on the front or back (many recent devices have glass backs for wireless charging purposes)
  • Display glitches and other related issues
  • Muffled or non-functional speakers
  • Software, operating system, and performance glitches
  • Camera issues

This is something that we’re serious about ourselves, carrying out a detail-driven 64-point inspection on every used phone that leaves absolutely nothing to chance. This ensures the device is something our own technicians would be happy to own when it is made available for purchase. For added confidence in your refurbished phone purchase, we also provide an industry-leading one-year warranty that guarantees customer satisfaction, which is a crucial must-have regardless of which cheap phone deals interest you most when browsing the refurbished market. After all, components can wear out, and defects can make themselves known, and this holds true for both new and used models. Therefore, having an active warranty is always a best practice for owners.

Love Apple Products? Buying Used is One of the Best iPhone Deals in Canada!

Apple is a company synonymous with premium-grade materials, precision-installed components built to last, and a user experience unlike anything else out there. Of course, when factoring in the level of quality and longevity their devices are known for, a brand-new phone from the iconic company might not be something you can always justify (though there are some excellent budget-friendly models like the SE that are well worth considering). By going the refurbished route, you’re able to upgrade to a sleek device that is likely newer and more capable than your current one. Buying used is honestly one of the best iPhone deals in Canada that you’ll find outside of the occasional holiday promo and the like.

Buying a refurbished iPhone can instill plenty of peace of mind as, again, these devices undergo rigorous quality assurance when first manufactured, and only the highest-quality and most dependable components are used in their assembly. Buying used from a reputable retailer who knows these phones inside and out, who should also include a warranty or guarantee, means that you can be confident in your new-to-you device for years to come!

Great New Features and User Experience Improvements for Less

Regardless of whether you’re an Android or iOS fan, used phones are just as capable and well-built as when they were new, especially if they are rigorously tested and restored prior to being sold by a retailer specializing in repairs. Of course, a significant perk aside from the cost savings is that you can enjoy new, extra-handy features on a model that is newer than your current device. This is great news for folks who are passionate about photography and want the best smartphone camera for their budget, or those who want more memory (RAM) or a higher-resolution screen. Or, perhaps your current device relies on an outdated unlocking method, and therefore you might prefer more modern solutions like Apple’s Face ID system.

Refurbished Doesn’t Mean Outdated!

There’s a misconception that the only used phones being sold nowadays are half a decade old. This couldn’t be further from the truth; we sell several recent models from the likes of Apple, Samsung, Google Huawei, and other major brands! In fact, many of the refurbished phones we have for sale are within one to three years old, making them perfectly reliable and worthwhile. Combined with the lower price of buying used, it’s a win-win for smartphone users.

This is an important factor to consider, especially since mobile device processors in the past few years have come a very long way in terms of speed, energy efficiency, and longevity. Gone are the days when a two-year-old phone could feel a little long in the tooth during everyday use – these devices are snappy, easy to use, and offer plenty of convenience. In short, buying refurbished doesn’t mean purchasing something that is outdated or insufficient – it’s really quite the opposite instead!

Something for Every Price Range

Even among the wide, ever-varying range of used phones on the market, there’s a reliable, durable, and modern device for even the tightest of budgets. A great example of this is our selection of iPhones and Android devices for less than $200, many of which are $100 or less. There are plenty of reasons to consider these models including the following:

  • You need an inexpensive device and are worried less about having the latest design or features.
  • You prefer a more compact device (smaller phones are generally even more affordable).
  • You enjoy features such as the headphone jack, fingerprint scanner button, or otherwise that are sometimes not incorporated in the latest smartphone models.
  • You simply need a device that functions as a phone and basic messaging device, don’t use the camera or other features often, and/or only use it for emergencies.

Good for Your Wallet and the Environment

You’re not only saving a considerable amount of money when taking advantage of the best used cell phone deals in your area. Buying refurbished also helps to look after the environment, which is overwhelmed with e-waste around the world. We’re deeply passionate about keeping perfectly functional phones with years of use left in them out of landfills, aiming to get as many of them into the hands of new owners as possible! In essence, buying used pays it forward, helps to reduce our carbon footprint, and is a practice that many environmentally conscious customers of ours enjoy having available as an option.

Want to learn more about our available refurbished devices here at Mobile Klinik, or do you have a device that you’d like to trade-in towards a new-to-you model? We’re happy to help! Feel free to chat with us or find our nearest location to you.

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