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Need a New Phone? Think Pre-Owned

Need a New Phone? Think Pre-Owned

Are you on the hunt for a new smartphone? When you’re not keen on the idea of forking out an excessive amount of money for a new phone, why not consider a more reasonable option? Certified Pre-Owned Devices are becoming increasingly popular as more mobile users recognize just how excessive the price tags on new phones are becoming. In fact, the sale of refurbished phones grew by 13% in 2017 (according to Counterpoint Research). When you can get a virtually new handset at a significant reduction of the cost, it just makes sense.

At Mobile Klinik, our tech experts inspect each and every refurbished phone before placing them up for sale, so you know what you’re buying is top quality. So when you need a new phone, think pre-owned and head to any of our locations to find the best one for your needs and budget.

Great Value

Certified used phones offer excellent value. You get a well-featured phone at a lower price point than a similar new model for a solid reduction in the price.

Works Just Like New

Our pre-owned phones go through a top-down inspection to ensure that they work just like new before they’re offered for sale. Any repairs are made by our expert technicians using premium quality parts, and then the device is reset to its original condition.

Locked or Unlocked

Have you ever tried to unlock your phone? It can be a real hassle – it’s not a consistent experience, and it can take longer than you want to wait. Save your money by getting one of our unlocked pre-owned phones to use. We offer both locked and unlocked products that can be used on any of the carrier networks.

Comes With an Industry-Leading One Year Warranty*

To ensure that we gain and keep the trust of our customers, we provide a best-in-class one-year warranty* on all of our Certified Pre-Owned Devices. You get peace of mind knowing that your phone is covered.

Environmentally Friendly

By purchasing a pre-owned phone and extending its life, you’re preventing a device from entering a landfill, which helps out the environment. Every little bit counts!

Gives You Familiarity

When you like a particular phone model, it can be aggravating having to buy a new model and learn different features and operating systems. So why not just repurchase your favourite one so you can enjoy the features that you’re familiar with? With a pre-owned phone, you can!

Whether you’ve lost or damaged your own smartphone, need a phone for a family member, or if it’s just finally time to get a new one, think pre-owned. At Mobile Klinik, we have a wide range of Certified Pre-Owned Devices for you to choose from that look and function like brand new!

*unless otherwise indicated

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