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Power Up Your Smartphone Performance

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Tired of draining your iPhone battery before midday? Annoyed with how it takes 30 seconds just to pull up email or open a new browser window on your Android device? Maybe it doesn’t load at all? Smartphones enhance our lives on the go, and slow, laggy performance stands in the way. Fortunately, you can bring your smartphone back to full force with a few simple tweaks and adjustments.

Get Familiar with Your Device

Every smartphone has different capabilities in terms of processing power, storage, operating system, hardware, battery life, display technology, and connectivity. Read the technical specifications of your device or ask an expert for ways to speed up your device performance. You will get better performance if you upgrade your Operating System to the latest firmware, understand the limits of your device, and avoid always-on resource-hogging apps.

Organize and Optimize Your App Library

From live widgets (like weather) to live wallpapers (that move), every app you download and install is more than a colourful icon on your screen. Each app occupies memory space and runs added processes in the background, along with the main activities on your phone – browsing, texting, talking, taking pictures, listening to music and so on. Most devices also come pre-loaded with OEM or carrier app-ware that you may not want or use. The more apps on your device, the harder your device works, even when you’re not actively using them. Head into your Settings > Apps and evaluate your app library. On an iPhone, Settings > General > Usage will show you a list of installed apps and how much space is occupied by them. Delete any apps that you no longer use to free up storage. With Android’s Performance Assistant or an app like Greenify, you can disable apps without deleting application files, and they can be re-enabled at any time. For the apps you decide to keep, make sure you keep them updated. Updates typically fix bugs and glitches and improve their overall performance.

Optimize Your Settings

Some of the biggest drains on speed and performance are features added for convenience, like GPS and always-on updating. Take the time to optimize the settings (both your phone’s general settings and app-specific settings) to maximize performance. For example, settings such as location-based services and push notifications for email and apps are known to drain the device battery. Manage your Gmail notifications by priority importance and control how often your device refreshes it; on an iPhone, if you don’t use iMessage, turn it off. If you prefer a third-party app for your music/podcasts, and have an Apple device, turn off syncing in iTunes to save storage space and improve overall performance as podcasts sync in the background. If you’ve got an Android, try something like Agent to set your phone to hop on to Wi-Fi when you’re at home, for example; and for expert-level optimization, try Tasker, both of these are contextually intelligent apps that let you set up, ‘if this, then that’ scenarios that can simplify and customize the use of your smartphone, reducing battery drain and improving its speed. Regular app usage can also leave a footprint on your device. Clean out your temporary files and system cache or transfer files to the Cloud to free up your device storage.

Test Your Device For Issues

Visit a qualified repair technician to test your device for issues and thoroughly discuss their findings with you. At Mobile Klinik, we use a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool – combined with the expertise of our technicians – to immediately diagnose your mobile phone’s issues and provide a personalized quote to optimize performance so you can quickly be on your way with a phone that is smart once more.

Our smartphones have become an indispensable part of modern life. Whether you’re searching, mapping, checking traffic, shopping or banking, it is more important than ever to keep your device working well. And, whether you own an Apple, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, LG or Nokia smartphone, our qualified technicians will make your device work like new – while you wait.

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