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Slow WiFi? Try These Fixes

Slow WiFi? Try These Fixes

Whether you need to respond to an urgent work email, or you’re in the midst of watching your favourite cat video on your phone, there’s nothing more frustrating than having your WiFi lag and freeze on your iPhone. As your internet connection loads slowly to 1998-level speeds, your aggravation level skyrockets.

Don’t fret. The next time your WiFi slows you down, try some of these quick fixes to get it back up to speed with your web browsing needs.

Restart Your Home Router

Ever turn something off and on to make it work again? It’s the same concept for your home WiFi. Restart your router by shutting it off, waiting at least 30 seconds, and then plugging it back in. The connection should be restored within a minute or two.

Reboot Your Handset WiFi

Whether you’re at home or out and about, you can switch off the WiFi connection on your phone, wait a few seconds and then turn it back on. Often this simple reboot is all it needs to iron out a few hiccups.

“Forget” your WiFi Network

If the reboot had no effect, select the “Forget” button to dismiss your WiFi network from your handset’s memory. Then, reinitiate and set it back up. Try connecting once again to see if the connection has improved.

Reset the Network

If there still hasn’t been an improvement, reset your network. You can reset your connection via Settings > General and select Reset > Reset the Network.

Restart your Phone

Another alternative is to restart your phone. Turn it off, wait 30 seconds and then turn it back on. The WiFi connection should work better once your phone is back up and running.

Update Firmware

Sometimes if your phone’s firmware is out of date, it can obstruct your WiFi connection. Firmware updates are sent to your phone every so often to help improve the phone, add new features and fix any problems.

Though you can update the device wirelessly via Settings > Software Update, this requires you to download the update via WiFi which will be very slow if you’re having connection troubles. Instead, connect your iPhone to your desktop or laptop via USB and launch iTunes. Select the name of your device and click Check for Update. A dialog box should appear if there is an update ready to be installed. Continue by selecting Install.

For Android users, find your software update via Settings > About > Check for Updates.

Reset Everything

Finally, when nothing seems successful, reset all of the settings. You can do this by selecting Settings > General > Reset > Reset All. This will give your phone one big complete overhaul.

If you’ve reached this point and nothing has improved your slow WiFi, talk to your wireless service provider to see if there’s an issue with the network from their end.

When in doubt, bring your phone into your nearest Mobile Klinik location and we can help you figure how to improve it. Using our state-of-the-art diagnostic tool and expert insights, we can identify if there is an issue with your device that’s causing your slow WiFi and optimize your device to improve its overall performance. All repairs are covered by a lifetime parts and labour guarantee.

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