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Why Buy a Pre-owned Smartphone

Why Buy a Pre-owned Smartphone

Need a new phone? Whether you’re looking for a new phone for yourself, a family member, or your child’s first device, the price of a brand new smartphone can really eat away at your bank account. With the newest devices topping $1,200 in addition to an upgraded data plan,  is it really worth the money to splurge on a “new and improved” phone for one that just resembles your last one?

With pre-owned devices priced at up to 40% off new, it’s time to consider getting a refurbished smartphone. At Mobile Klinik Professional Smartphone Repair, our expert technicians rigorously test previously owned devices, putting them through a multi-point inspection process before we certify and warranty a wide selection of used smartphones. Learn more about why you should buy a pre-owned smartphone and how it can benefit you in the long run.

Save More of Your Money

Amazingly, the price of a brand new flagship phone these days can equal five weeks of groceries for a family of four! Opting for a refurbished phone at up to 40% off new can equate to massive savings (so you can get a phone, groceries, and a couple of nights out on the town). With the high costs of living and entertainment these days, when buying a new-to-you phone saves you a few hundred dollars, you appreciate it!

Rigorously Tested to Work Like New

When you buy a Certified Pre-Owned device from a trusted team of repair technicians, you can count on your phone to look and function like new. Before a refurbished smart phone can go on sale, it goes through rigorous testing by our experts. They examine all parts to confirm they are functioning. If, for example, the battery is not holding power anymore, it will be replaced so the devices are all guaranteed to work properly.

Less Stress over Drops and Dings

Every single second, two smartphone owners accidentally break their screen. If you’ve ever felt the shock of watching your shiny new device fly out of your hands and fall to the floor, you know how fast your heart can jump with it. Accidents happen. Having a gently used phone (even better when it’s warrantied by trusted professionals) helps you avoid sweating the small stuff, like a cracked screen, when you can spend far less on repairing it. And if you did break the screen, no worries. At our stores, we can repair almost any common issue.

Help the Environment

Cell phones and other electronic devices contribute to a significant amount of e-waste that ends up sitting in landfills, which pollutes our land, air, and oceans. By choosing reused and recycled products like pre-owned phones, you’re helping to reduce the amount of waste in our environment.

When you’re ready to buy a pre-owned smartphone, Mobile Klinik offers an extensive selection of used phones that are thoroughly tested by our expert technicians before being certified for sale, AND, they all come with an industry-leading one year warranty*. Browse through our selection today!

*unless otherwise indicated

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