How Often Do You Check Your Phone?

7 March 2017

How Often Do You Check Your Phone?

Did you know that the average person checks their phone up to 110 times a day, and as often as every 6 minutes a night? We depend on our mobile devices for just about everything these days, from ordering groceries to Instagramming the new puppy, to chatting with friends half the world away. We need our devices to run efficiently because when our phones stop working everything grinds to a halt.

The Smartphone Era

Our dependence on mobile devices seems only to increase over time. Just ten years ago, a mobile phone really was just a device for calls and occasional texting. In the smartphone era, it’s a multimedia station in the palm of your hand. As more and more information is stored on our phones, we naturally end up depending on them not only for connecting to and staying in touch with others, but for staying on top of the latest news, our businesses, our banking and even our driving, as well as unwinding with games and videos now and then.

Breaking Down the Statistics

Most mobile users tend to be active more frequently during the evenings. During peak hours between 5 pm and 8 pm, over 75% of people unlock and use their phones. At these peak evening times, the average user checks their phone approximately nine times each hour.

Even during off-peak hours around 3 am to 5 am, 24% of people are actively using their phone during those wee hours of the morning. The average person at this time checks their mobile device approximately four times an hour.

Whether it’s to contact someone, write an email or simply browse the web, staying connected and up-to-date is vital in this day and age.

Protecting What Matters Most

Your smartphone undergoes a lot of wear and tear. When you rely on something that much it’s crucial that it’s in good working order and that the battery and speed don’t slow you down. That’s where we come in. Our professional repair technicians and network of stores across Canada are here to help make sure that your phone runs smoothly and efficiently so that you can get the most out of those 110 check-ins each day. Visit a professional smartphone repair location near you to get the phone performance you need and deserve.

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