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Mobile Klinik is a chain of professional smartphone repair stores specializing in professional ‘while you wait’ repair and care of smartphones and tablets. All repairs are done in-store, in front of the customer by trained, bonded, customer-service oriented technicians. We repair all major brands of smartphones and tablets: Samsung, NokiaApple, LG, BlackBerry, HTC, and Huawei, and deliver a swift, high quality and standardized expert service, regardless of which store you use. Whether you need a repair, have a question or issue with your device, want a unique case or accessories for your smartphone, or are looking for a refreshed phone or used device trade-up or sale, Mobile Klinik’s skilled technicians are here to help you.

Point Service Mobile (expanding throughout Europe under the brand, Phone Service Center) is Europe’s leading smartphone repair company, a French company that launched retail operations in 2006. PSM / Phone Service Center has a unique and exclusive business relationship with Mobile Klinik to share best practices, systems and support, and best-in-class technical training. The founders of Mobile Klinik – four business executives with deep experience in Canada’s wireless and retail industries – leveraged this relationship to launch Mobile Klinik’s first store in Canada, in Ottawa in September 2015.

Since the first store opened in Canada’s capital, Mobile Klinik has been expanding across the country, becoming the fastest growing Canadian professional smartphone and tablet repair retailer in the country.


Our repairs are completed on site, and are usually completed in less than 60 minutes (some repairs, for example, water damage, may take longer). All repairs carried out by our skilled technicians on-site use premium quality parts and are backed by our industry-leading lifetime warranty. You don’t need an appointment to visit any Mobile Klinik. Just drop by your closest location and we will offer an immediate diagnosis and estimate to repair your device, while you wait. To keep your personal data safe and secure, our bonded technicians will offer you a data back-up (your phone book, calendar, photos and any other documents…) which will be restored to your device after repairs. We will walk you through your new device, optimize its features, and show you any added accessories to keep your device running well for as long as you keep your device. It’s all part of our commitment to helping you get the most out of your mobile device each and every day.


All our technicians are fully bonded and are professionally certified in a best-in-class training program before working in one of our stores. In order to deliver a trusted warrantied service, the tools used by our technicians are state-of-the-art and we only source quality parts from reputable suppliers. Our customer-first commitment includes a lifetime warranty on parts and repair; and if we can’t fix your device, we don’t charge you.


Whether you are looking to repair, protect, optimize or trade your used phone in for a refreshed CPO device, Mobile Klinik’s expert technicians are ready, willing and able to advise and assist you. To personalize, protect and add more use to your smartphone or tablet, we offer a large range of accessories (protective cases, screen protectors, mini speakers, headphones and chargers) as well as unique Case Station smartphone accessories that let you upload your pictures to a smartphone cover you choose, view it in 3D and print it in store, in minutes.

  • Smartphone repairs
  • Smartphone disassembly
  • Repairs in less than 60 minutes

An international partner network

Point Service Mobiles has expanded internationally under the name Phone Service Center 

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