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4 Easy Ways to Clean Your Mobile Phone

Easy Ways to Clean Your Mobile Phone

The average person checks their phone 85 times a day, but when was the last time you cleaned your phone? Smartphones are among the most used electronic devices, and that’s due to a combination of their multi-functionality as well as how they go everywhere with us throughout the day! Considering just how frequently you handle your phone, combined with all of the bacteria from surfaces that you place it it’s no surprise how dirty it can actually get!

Before you touch your phone or hold it to your face, here are several easy ways that you can clean your mobile phone and kill those germs.

Don’t Just Use Any Type of Cleaner

Once you take a moment to really pay attention to all the potential germs that are probably lingering on your phone, we realize it can be hard not to opt for the strongest chemical cleaner that you have nearby. However, it’s important to avoid using anything with harsh chemicals. These can end up causing more harm than good to the device, and they’re not safe for your skin, either. Instead, opt for a specifically purposed and tested screen cleaner. Apply a small amount of spray to a soft microfiber cloth and gently wipe the screen – it doesn’t take a lot! Don’t worry about harming your phone, either, so long as it carries an IP water rating. This means that it is designed to be submerged in water at a certain depth. Of course, if you can be careful about how much cleaning solution you apply, the better, as some screens may have coatings that are more sensitive to chemicals.

Use Alcohol and Water

Phones are all-screen nowadays, meaning you don’t need to worry about dirty physical keyboards any longer on your pocketable device. That being said, since all input is made through the touch-screen interface of your phone, it’s going to get way dirtier, and way quicker. You can create your own cleaning mixture at home to clean the front and back of your device, both of which are likely made with glass (modern smartphones use glass backs for wireless charging, for instance). Combine a solution of 40/60 alcohol to water. Use a soft cloth to gently apply the solution, or use a cotton swab to get into those crevices. Avoid getting any solution into the charging port or headphone jack, just as a precaution.

Use Tape for Crevices

If the cotton swab fails to reach some particular areas, try using a piece of tape. Tear off a small piece and place it along hard-to-reach areas where there may be any crumbs or debris. Stick, lift, and remove. This is especially handy for the rails or edges of a phone where the power, volume, and/or mute switch buttons are housed; it’s a royal pain to clean out bits of debris that get wedged in there otherwise!

Use a UV Ray Sanitizer

Amidst the ongoing stresses of the pandemic, many folks have been purchasing UV ray sanitizers to minimize the transference of bacteria onto and from their smartphones. To keep your daily driver as clean and hygienic as possible, these are an ideal option, and we can’t recommend them enough! Buy from a reputable brand with good reviews to ensure that you have a safe, well-made product that is highly effective. The key to UV sanitizer boxes and cases is that you want the ultraviolet light to not be visible when they are in use (so no silly windows for the sake of a cool design), and that both sides of the phone are being treated at the same time.

Clean Your Phone’s Software and Data for Better Performance!

Of course, fighting bacteria is only one kind of clean when it comes to the world of smartphones. Keeping your favourite device snappy and responsive, prolonging the need to upgrade, is just as important. For this reason, keep the amount of ‘bloatware’ to a minimum; it’s generally a good idea to delete unwanted apps and files straight away. This can free up storage space as well, which is great for you iPhone owners who go with a base-model’s lower capacity. Many Android phones benefit from this practice as well since their operating systems tend to come with a whole bunch of applications that you likely won’t use. Of course, virus scans and manufacturer-provided cleaning tools are also highly useful.

Use a Preventive Case

Finally, one of the best ways for keeping your phone clean and clear of any crumbs, debris and bacteria are by protecting it with a case. A protective phone case can shield your phone against daily dirt and grime, and of course, can look great while adding your own personal touch so that you always know you’ve got the right phone.

Your device is dirtier than you think, with an estimated 25,000 germs per square inch, but it doesn’t have to be. Use these tips to clean your mobile phone so you can call, text, and browse with peace of mind. For repairs, refurbished and thoroughly cleaned devices, accessories such as cases and more, turn to us at Mobile Klinik. Find your nearest location today!

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