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6 Easy Ways to Protect Your Smartphone


About half of the world’s smartphone users have experienced a cracked screen at least once. Our smartphones are an essential part of our everyday life – we can feel naked without them. So it’s no surprise 23% of users continue to use their phones even after cutting their finger on the cracked screen. A damaged screen is just one of dozens of potential complications with these fragile and expensive devices so integral to modern life. In following a few of these good habits, you can help to reduce the likelihood of that happening. Here’s how!

Keep it Away From the Elements

Smartphones have become our everyday tool to keep us informed and connected; it’s become natural to take it everywhere with us. We lay it on our daybed while tanning at the beach and use it in -30°C weather while waiting for the bus. Where we go, our phones go; but mobile devices are much more sensitive to extreme temperatures than you may realize. Whether you accidentally leave your phone on the deck on a hot summer day or leave it in the car overnight in the dead of winter, your smartphone isn’t meant to handle these extremes. In the summer, try to keep your phone in the shade. In the winter, keep it insulated. It should go without saying that your cell phone should also be kept dry, safe from water, rain and snow.

Turn it Off

Ask anyone when the last time was that they actually powered off their phones and you’ll be met with a lot of blank stares. Most people simply never restart their devices. Although this may seem harmless, your phone needs a fresh start once in a while to shut down intensive background processes and clear memory leaks. Experts also recommend draining your battery to zero about once a year, if only to recalibrate the percentage count.

Avoid Placing it in Pockets

It’s become a common trend to jam our phones into our pockets absent mindedly. In doing so, you drastically increase the chance of letting it slip out and fall, whether you store it in your back or front pockets. Sit down or stand up too quickly and that can be all it takes to break it for good.

Filling it to the Max

Cramming your phone full of photos, videos, and applications can grind your operating system to a crawl. When there’s limited storage space on your mobile device, it will begin to falter and work inefficiently. Take advantage of cloud storage or streaming to fulfill your media needs without taking up precious hard drive space. Alternatively, most Android devices allow you to install an SD card for additional storage.

Take Precautions Against Malware

It’s important not to ignore malware. Since your phone goes with you everywhere and can track your location, it’s more important to stay on top of malware to protect your sensitive data. Always use caution when installing apps. Only download from trusted sources and always download the latest updates (over Wi-Fi) as these patch security vulnerabilities.

Protective Case

A protective case will minimize the chances of a cracked screen if you accidentally drop your phone. It will also protect your phone from dust, dirt and spills. You can purchase a sleek and stylish protective case or a rough and rugged one.

No matter how cautious we try to be, accidents happen. Whether you dropped your smartphone, spilled water on the screen or jammed the charging port, the expert technicians at Mobile Klinik can help. Just drop into one of our convenient locations and we’ll repair on-site, usually within 60 minutes. Backed by a lifetime warranty on all parts and labour, you can get back to what matters with a device that functions and feels like new.

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