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Four Great Music Apps for Smartphones

Four Great Music Apps for Smartphones

A smartphone doesn’t truly take on your personality until it is complemented with your personal library of easily accessible music. Here are some great music apps that are sure to help you get into the groove.


This is usually the first go-to app for many music lovers. Users have the option of using an ad-supported free version, or upgrading to premium. Premium users have ad-free play, unlimited skips, offline listening, and access to higher fidelity audio files. Whichever version you choose, all users have access to an unprecedented variety of music, from the newest releases to classic gems, thanks to Spotify’s constantly updated supply of millions of songs. Many new and upcoming album releases are first available on this platform. Spotify also offers ready-made playlists compiled by music fans and industry experts as well as personalized options, like the “Discovery Weekly” playlist, customized to your unique listening taste. A clean user interface allows for quick and bloat-free searching, browsing and discovering.

Apple Music

Brilliantly simple, Apple Music is one of the best ways to indulge in new musical experiences. Offering the same familiar and comfortable yet timeless feel of iTunes, this platform provides a multi-faceted and rich user experience. Including specialized radio stations, original TV shows, movies, expertly crafted playlists and, of course, endless ad-free streaming of the entire iTunes music archive, you really can opt to enroll in an individual, family, or student membership. Even better, Apple is currently providing all first-time users of the service with three months for free.

Google Play Music

Offering a free or subscription-based model, Google Play Music remains a highly respected music app for any smartphone keen on exhibiting a little character. Much of the allure lies within GPM’s incredible selection of playlists that vary by day, possibly some of the most meticulously compiled and thoughtful collections of songs on any streaming service. Offering specially-themed playlists for precise moods, activities, or even times of the day or year (what’s more specific than “late Thursday night summer stargazing”?), this app and subsequent streaming service caters to those who are adventurous and enjoy discovering new songs. In addition, GPM also offers a wide range of songs and albums available for purchase, with many of them available for discounted prices.


For what’s reportedly the best possible Hi-Fi grade quality of sound on a mobile device, look no further than Neutron. Specifically developed for audiophiles and those with a passion for musical atmosphere, this music playback app is available in free or paid versions, though either are ideal for those seeking the ultimate in audio quality. Offering 32/64-bit audio processing and bit-perfect playback (among other benefits, including streaming audio and DSP effects), you can’t go wrong with the quality Neutron presents.

These music apps are readily available in Canada across all smart devices, and each offer a unique twist on the streaming and playback formula. Whether you’re seeking a massive library of readily available media, playlists that mimic your mood or activities, a constantly refreshed supply of new hot tracks, or the ultimate audiophile experience, these platforms have got you covered.

Audiophiles and casual listeners alike deserve to get the most out of their smartphone as a music device. Whether you have a broken speaker, jammed headphone jack, or playback is choppy due to slow WiFi, Mobile Klinik can help. Bring your smartphone to your nearest Mobile Klinik location for a free quote and fast, friendly, local repair – while you wait.

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