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How Much is an iPhone X Worth?

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iPhone X

Like all older iPhones, the iPhone X was once the name of the game. It’s no secret that the world of technology has evolved significantly since its release in 2017, with new features and flashy specs offered with every new device. If you’re holding onto an iPhone X, you might wonder about its value today. Whether you’re just curious or are looking for an upgrade, this article explores the question, “How much is an iPhone X worth as a used device?” We’ll cover the factors that affect its resale price and touch on the various selling options available to you.

iPhone X Key Insights

  • The iPhone X may offer a return on investment depending on the device’s condition and other factors, like storage capacity.
  • You can sell your iPhone X through buy-back programs, carrier trade-ins, or your personal network of connections.
  • To maximize the value of your iPhone X, take good care of it with protective cases, routine cleanings, and regular software updates.

What is an iPhone X Worth?

The iPhone X’s current trade-in value in Canada ranges from $105 to $125, depending on its storage capacity (64 GB or 256 GB) and overall condition. These estimates assume the device is in its best condition, so keep in mind that yours may hold less value if it has scratches, dents, functional issues, or other imperfections. To find out how much your iPhone X is worth, get a convenient instant quote online at Mobile Klinik.

Used iPhone X Maximum Trade-in Values

Very Good

Model Apple iPhone X 64 GB
Very Good

Model Apple iPhone X 256 GB
Very Good

* Price updated as of June 2024

The Market for the iPhone X Today

When the iPhone X burst onto the scene, it dazzled Apple users with its edge-to-edge Super Retina display, facial recognition technology, and an innovative dual-camera system.

Despite many advancements since the device’s release day, the features that once captivated the world still hold their charm today. Take the build quality, for example. Crafted with a stainless-steel frame and durable glass back, the iPhone X boasts a premium feel that has stood the test of time. Additionally, the A11 Bionic chip, despite being a few generations old, demonstrates Apple’s prowess in chip design. Even by today’s standards, the iPhone X easily handles everyday tasks, ensuring a smooth user experience.

But is the iPhone X still a good buy today? The answer largely depends on the needs of the people you sell to. Photography enthusiasts might prefer newer models so they can access the latest features. However, the everyday user seeking simple reliability may find everything they need with the iPhone X, making it valuable in today’s smartphone market.

What’s the Difference Between Phone Conditions?

When selling your iPhone, it’s essential to understand the difference between phone conditions—the criteria that help determine its worth. Generally, if you take good care of your device, you’ll benefit from a higher resale value because most buyers prefer phones that work without issues. Here’s a breakdown of phone conditions:

  • Very Good: A phone classified in very good condition exhibits minimal signs of wear and tear. Generally, the display and body have few to no scratches, and the device operates without issue. The battery is also in good health, with full or nearly full capacity. 
  • Good: Your iPhone is in good condition if it functions well but also possesses a few light scratches or scuffs. Generally, these blemishes do not take away from overall usability. While the battery should be in good condition, it may have a more noticeable diminished capacity compared to its original levels.
  • Acceptable: An acceptable phone has more pronounced signs of wear, including scratches, dents, and other imperfections. Still, these physical imperfections should not impact the device’s functionality. The battery, however, likely exhibits worsened health and capacity, but the phone should still be usable. 

MSRP of the iPhone X

Upon its release in 2017, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of the iPhone X started at $1,319 (CAD) for the 64 GB base model.

What Impacts the Price of a Used iPhone X?

As we covered above, the condition of your iPhone X can significantly influence its worth. Beyond wear and tear considerations, there are other factors to keep in mind that may impact the overall resale price:

  • Age and Model: As newer models hit the shelves, the value of older ones, like the iPhone X, tends to decrease. This is because demand for cutting-edge features takes priority, especially for tech-savvy individuals who like exploring the latest and greatest innovations.
  • Storage Capacity: Smartphones with larger storage capacities are generally worth more. The iPhone X comes in two storage sizes: 64 GB and 256 GB. More storage is typically preferred because of its ability to hold more information and data, like photos, videos, and apps.
  • Accessories: Including the complete package during the sale, with chargers, headphones, and the original box intact, can elevate the value of your iPhone. Possessing original accessories can indicate that you take good care of your device, potentially boosting its market appeal.
  • Market Conditions: Demand for iPhone models can ebb and flow over time. External factors, like the launch of new models or software updates, can influence the desirability of particular phones. For example, when a new iPhone is released, demand for older ones decreases.

Where Can I Sell My iPhone X?

Now that you have a better idea of the factors impacting your iPhone X’s worth, you can start considering your selling options. There are many different avenues to explore, including:

  1. Retailer Buy-Back Programs: Opting for reputable retailers like Mobile Klinik offers a straightforward solution. When you sell your iPhone X through programs like ours, we’ll assess your device’s value based on the factors we discussed earlier. Once we determine the worth, we’ll give you a prepaid Visa gift card or in-store credit, which can be used to upgrade to a Certified Pre-Owned Phone. Retailer buy-back programs offer a convenient way to part ways with your phone without doing the work of finding sellers.
  2. Carrier Trade-In Options: You can inquire about trade-in opportunities if your carrier contract is nearing its end. You may be able to trade your iPhone X for an upgraded model and renewed plan.
  3. Family and Friends: You may not have to look too far outside your network to find a viable buyer. Let your friends and family, family, and close connections know that you want to sell your iPhone X. Going this route ensures your device can find a new home with someone you trust. 

How Does Time Affect the Price of A Used iPhone?

As time passes, used iPhones depreciate, especially with new features and models being released yearly. To help you grasp what this depreciation might look like year-over-year, the table below provides an example. Keep in mind that the depreciation rates below are examples only, and actual percentages depend on the market and model at any given time.


Day 1  Year 1  Year 2  Year 3  Year 4  Year 5
Value (CAD) $1,319 $1,115.87 $929.52 $752.82 $594.58 $443.56
Average Loss 0 -15.4% -16.7% -19.01% -21.02% -25.40%


How Do I Maintain the Value of My iPhone X?

To get the most out of your iPhone X sale, you must maintain its condition over time, as this increases desirability for potential buyers. Here’s what you can do to keep your device’s value:

  • Always use a durable protective case. Accidental drops or rough handling are often inevitable—safeguard your iPhone X with a case built to withstand impact. For maximum peace of mind, you can also take advantage of Mobile Klinik’s protection bundle or find a store near you to learn more.
  • Invest in a screen protector. Tempered glass protectors can shield your iPhone’s screen from scratches, cracks, and shatters, keeping the display flawless and ready for sale. At Mobile Klinik, we offer the custom cut protection pro to safeguard your screen. Visit us in-store for more information.
  • Clean your device regularly. Routine measures like wiping your screen and brushing off dust and debris can help maintain your iPhone X’s appearance. Ensure you use non-abrasive materials to avoid surface-level scratches and damages.
  • Keep software up-to-date. Apple releases new software updates periodically. Ensure you stay on top of these, as they can ensure usability and compatibility with the latest services and apps. Visit us at Mobile Klinik at one of our locations for assistance with software updates.
  • Monitor your battery and charging patterns. Keep an eye on the battery health of your device. If you notice significant health issues, like trouble keeping charge, you can consider a battery replacement to extend your iPhone’s lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare my iPhone X for sale?

Before selling your iPhone X, back up your data, erase all content and settings, and remove your device from your iCloud account. This ensures your information remains private and secure once the phone lands in the hands of the buyer. Additionally, perform a thorough cleaning of the device to get it sale-ready. For ease, this prep work can be completed by our technicians at Mobile Klinik if you opt to sell with us.

Should I perform any repairs before selling my iPhone X?

If your device requires significant repairs, like a battery or screen replacement, you can consider completing these before you sell. However, it’s also essential to consider the cost of repair and your expected return. If the repair cost is more than your expected return, it might not be worth it.

Is it worth selling my iPhone X?

The answer to this question depends on many different considerations. If your iPhone X is in good shape and you want a little extra money or an upgrade, selling it is a good idea. However, keep in mind that the longer you wait to sell, the less your device will be worth.

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