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What Affects the Price of a Phone?

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If you’re ready to part ways with your favourite smartphone, why should you settle for less than its actual value? Phones have long lifespans, contrary to the trend of upgrading yearly for the latest feature! While there are plenty of reasons to sell your phone, there is also the risk of accepting a lowball offer. With that in mind, let’s help you determine how much your smartphone is worth by reviewing key areas of concern. We’ll also show you how to use a handy calculator tool that determines the value of your device!

Deciding Factors Behind the Value of Your Phone

Of course, one can’t expect a half-decade old phone with considerable damage to hold as much value as something newer in good condition. Here are some of the factors that go into determining the value of your smartphone:


Smartphones from some brands, especially Apple, tend to retain their value for longer. In fact, it’s common knowledge that iPhones don’t decrease in value anywhere near as quickly as Android devices do. Sometimes this phenomenon has to do with software support; in Apple’s case, they tend to support iPhones for at least five years, if not longer with security and operating system updates. On Android, however, two to three years of support is the standard.

Storage Capacity

When folks shop for Certified Pre-Owned devices, they like finding the best possible deals – and rightly so! Storage capacities higher than the base standard, such as going with a 128-gigabyte model of iPhone rather than the standard 64 gigabytes, are highly sought after and can help preserve the value of the device.

Phone Model

Do you own a top-of-the-line flagship in the largest screen size available? If so, you’ll get a fair bit more for your phone than a non-flagship or lesser model. Larger, pricier phones tend to come with bigger batteries, higher-quality displays, extra features that wouldn’t normally be able to fit into a smaller or more budget-friendly device. There’s also the matter of the camera system – a phone like one of the iPhone Pro Max variants tends to have larger sensors that let in more light in addition to extra lenses, providing more value and functionality to users who love shooting photos and videos.

Physical Condition

Minor scuffs and scratches? Expected. A dented corner? Drops happen! But what about a shattered screen or cracked rear glass? Depending on your phone’s cosmetic and overall physical condition, the value quoted to you will change. If a device needs components repaired or replaced, it’s more of an expense to the store purchasing it from you, possibly requiring labour or parts investments, which drives down the price.


Of course, looks aren’t all that count. Does the battery of your smartphone hold a charge still? Or, when you plug your device in, does it not indicate that it’s charging? This can sometimes indicate a faulty battery or charging port. Alternatively, what if your screen is heavily cracked and therefore not safe to use? This affects the functionality and usability of the display, one of your phone’s most vital components.

Next, what about bending? Many phones are made from aluminum, including some iPhones, but this metal bends under pressure as it is “softer” by nature. If your phone bends either from a super-tight pocket, getting squished by exercise equipment or in other ways, it can result in the damage or outright failure of many components, including the battery, charging system, and the touch matrix inside the display.

Port, Microphone, and Speaker Functionality

Lastly, do all of the onboard ports work as intended, including the charging port and, if applicable, the headphone jack? Next, what about the built-in speakers and microphones? Are these distorted or muffled, or do they function correctly? Also, don’t forget the buttons – everything from the volume up and down keys to the fingerprint sensor, home button, mute switch, power button, and otherwise should work without issue in order to get the maximum value possible for your device.

Calculate the Value of Your Phone

Are you asking yourself, “how much is my phone worth, then?” Fear not, as we’ve come up with a quick, easy, and hassle-free way of figuring that out. With our phone calculator tool, all you need to do is the following to determine the approximate value of your favourite device:

  • Select your brand
  • Select the model of the device under that brand, along with the storage configuration
  • Select the appropriate physical condition (ranging from broken to very good)
  • Select whether the device powers on when charged or plugged in
  • Select whether the screen is cracked, severely scratched, or chipped
  • Select whether the back glass is damaged in any of the ways mentioned above
  • Select whether your device is bent
  • Select whether specific features, ports, and buttons function correctly

Sell Your Phone and Save on a Newer, Certified Pre-Owned Model!

Of course, what happens when you decide to sell your phone to us? For starters, we wipe the data from your phone and put it through a 64-point inspection process before it can be sold as a Certified Pre-Owned model. You’ll receive the value of your device either on a VISA card or in-store credit if your phone is broken beyond repair. When you’re ready to choose a new phone, you can use either option to save on a Certified Pre-Owned phone already being sold at an unbeatable price! And, if you sign up with one of our carrier partners, you’ll get a five-dollar-a-month sustainability credit on your bill.

Have more questions or concerns regarding selling your smartphone? We’re happy to help here at Mobile Klinik. Find out which stores are closest to you today!

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