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Why are More of Us Buying Pre-Owned Devices?

why more of us are buying pre-owned devices

New smartphones are a thing of beauty; but are they incrementally smarter than the year before, or the year before? Some of them now cost more than $1200 (before taxes) – and that’s before you attach a carrier phone plan at about the same price. With the rising price of smartphones combined with the aggressive speed of new flagship models appearing in the market, it can feel next to impossible (and get really expensive) to keep up with the latest devices. That’s why more people are keeping their phone longer and more people are opting for pre-owned devices when they need to replace it. In fact, when you can find a top quality, warrantied, almost-new phone offered at a significant discount to a pricey new one it makes a lot of sense to buy a new-to-you model instead.

“Certified” Gives You Peace of Mind

At Mobile Klinik, all of our pre-owned devices are certified only after undergoing a meticulous testing and screening process by our professional technicians. If any hardware or software needs repairs or updates, these are performed by our experts using top quality parts and then retested afterwards. Everything from the battery to the screen or keypad, the ports and more are rigorously inspected to maintain our strict standards of quality and functionality. And we back it all up with an industry-leading one-year warranty*.

saving money on phone

Big Savings for You

Of course one of the main benefits of choosing pre-owned devices over brand new ones is the cost factor. For most people, a slightly older model device has all the functionality needed for life, work and play without the hefty price tag. You can save hundreds of dollars off your purchase by choosing pre-owned – giving you literally hundreds of reasons to buy it (and without the stress of having spent your grocery budget for the next 6 months on a phone).

You’re Helping the Environment

Buying pre-owned keeps more phones out of landfills. Throwing away a smart device causes electronic waste. The increasing movement to buy and sell used phones supports a greener recycling process that helps to prevent the waste that pollutes our land and oceans.

Opting for pre-owned devices makes good sense to a lot of people. You can enjoy significant savings while getting an updated device that looks and operates just like new. When you’re ready to explore your options to buy a like-new, top quality, fully warrantied* CPO device (and to trade-in your old phone by selling it), drop in to any Mobile Klinik location to find the best selection of certified pre-owned devices.

*unless otherwise indicated

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