Experts Swear By This Life-Changing Trick For Saving iPhone Battery

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Apple Experts Swear by These Life-Changing Tricks for Saving iPhone Battery Life

Mobile Klinik, November 24th, 2020

Apple Experts Swear by These Life-Changing Tricks for Saving iPhone Battery Life

If anyone can help you figure out why your iPhone refuses to hold a charge for very long, it’s an expert in Apple products. There are several tricks that can actually increase battery power, and they are simple to follow. Here are some tips that will make it feel like you splurged on a brand-new phone.

Identify Your Usage Habits

First, it’s helpful to get a handle on the major smartphone battery-draining culprits. For example, streaming videos or music, making calls, and gaming on the go typically cause your battery to drain much more quickly. Other culprits of battery draining include active applications in the background or constantly updating, such as real-time weather apps.

Check Your Battery Usage History

In order to help boost your battery, it’s important to figure out which apps are most draining on your device. You can do this by opening the Settings app on your iPhone and selecting the Battery menu, which will then provide a detailed look at your usage and which applications consume the most energy. If you don’t need certain apps active that are draining your battery the most, deactivate them. On newer iPhones without a home button, this can be done by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, stopping halfway to reveal your open and active applications, and then swiping upwards on the ones you want to deactivate.

Turn Off Location Services

Disabling location services can help to preserve battery life as well. Do this on an iPhone by opening your settings, clicking on Privacy, and then Location Services. Here, you’ll be able to decide which applications can track your location and which cannot. Again, limiting as many applications as possible will help you save on battery life.

Charge Your Phone Correctly

How you charge your phone can also make a tremendous difference in battery power. It’s best to avoid leaving your phone plugged in once it’s fully charged, which means no more being connected all night while you sleep! While some phones automatically stop charging once the battery is full, your phone will still take sips of energy while it is on and idle, meaning the charger will continue to draw power every so often throughout the night.

Also, stick with high-quality charging cables and appropriate chargers for your device. These will include components that help regulate current and prevent electrical damage to your phone, and yes, they’ll also help limit battery degradation.

Frequently Asked Questions About iPhone Battery Life

What drains a phone battery?

As discussed above, there are several contributing factors. Excessive streaming of video, audio, gaming, or other entertainment content really eats away at your phone’s battery. This is especially an issue when streaming over 4G or, even more significantly, 5G cellular connections. Background tasks being performed by various apps or the phone’s operating system (OS) can also cause the internals to work harder, draining battery life further.

In addition, there are video calls like those through Facetime or Zoom, which make heavy use of the phone’s cameras and internals as well as online connectivity, accelerating battery loss. There are other causes of battery drain that are worth noting as well. These include using resource-intensive features like Bluetooth or using augmented reality. Essentially, any action that heats up the device and causes it to work hard is likely to contribute towards battery drain.

Does dark mode save battery?

Absolutely. When phone screens display white or colours, clusters of pixels are illuminated with a backlight system (when using LED displays). For OLED displays, the pixels are self-emissive, meaning they can shut off individually. Regardless, this means that the less your screen has to light up, the less battery the display will use. This is especially good news for individuals who use their phones outdoors a lot and/or at maximum brightness. Switching on dark mode on an iPhone is also a great way to slow battery degradation, which happens naturally on all phones over time and reduces the amount of charge they can hold.

Does iPhone’s raise-to-wake feature drain the battery?

Yes, as this continuously activates the screen and some software elements, like the lock screen and prompt to use Face ID or the fingerprint scanner. This will drain your battery even faster if you tend to pick up your phone multiple times throughout the day. It’s much the same as getting notifications all day long that continue to reactivate your screen. We recommend disabling raise to wake in the settings of your iPhone to help prolong its battery life.

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