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Is your smartphone acting up? Maybe it won’t hold a charge or function properly after it slipped from your fingers? Or maybe your tablet suddenly decided not to turn on. Whatever the issue is, we’ve all been there at some point. And, as smart as our devices may be, they’re still susceptible to damage and glitches, which can be more than frustrating when you depend on them. That’s where we come in.

Mobile Klinik is a recognized leader in mobile device repair, and we’re coming soon to Kingston! Thanks to our exceptional level of service, we are the fastest growing smartphone and tablet repair service in Canada. All major manufacturers fall under our umbrella of service, so if you have a Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, Apple, Motorola, or Blackberry, we are your one-stop-shop for your smartphone and tablet repairs.

Our team is exceptionally trained and qualified to diagnose any problem and repair all kinds of malfunctions. If there’s a solution for your device, we guarantee we’ll find it. And if your device is beyond repair and you’re tired of spending so much for yet another new device, check out our selection of like-new refurbished, pre-owned devices! More and more customers are beginning to recognize just how beneficial refurbished phones are. They’re meticulously inspected and tested before being certified and placed up for sale. So, you get a perfectly functional, like-new phone that’s much more affordable than a brand new one.

Our services include:

Smartphone & Tablet Repair


Case Station

Diagnostic and Performance Optimization

Data Protection and Backup

Protection & Accessories

So come by and allow us to assist you when your smart device starts to malfunction. We are committed to being an industry leader by keeping our customers happy with our attention to detail and level of customer service. And, to allow our customers to feel confident and reassured in our abilities, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all parts and labour. If you so please, come in solely to check out our wide selection of accessories available for all sorts of devices!

Either reach out to us and book an appointment or come drop by our new Cataraqui Centre location where you can wait while we diagnose and service your device. When it comes to your smart devices, we’re the only place for you.

Get a personalized case while you wait with case station.

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Mobile Klinik Kingston – Cataraqui Centre

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Mobile Klinik Kingston – Cataraqui Centre

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