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Game Console Repair

Surrey Newton

Professional game console repair tailored to gamers like you. We can repair:

  • Hardware malfunctions
  • Software glitches
  • Other performance issues

Game Console Repairs

At Mobile Klinik, we understand the frustration of having a malfunctioning game console. Whether you need a PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or another console repair, we’re here to help you get back in the game and enjoy uninterrupted adventures in no time.

Overheating and Cooling Issues

Game consoles can suffer from overheating, leading to system shutdowns or reduced performance. We offer comprehensive cleaning, thermal paste replacement, and fan repairs to keep your console cool and running smoothly.

Controller Connectivity

If your game controller is experiencing connectivity issues or unresponsive buttons, we can examine and repair its internal components, ensuring a reliable and seamless connection with your console.

Power Failures

In cases where your game console fails to power on or experiences intermittent power issues, our experts can diagnose and repair faulty power supply units, allowing your console to receive consistent power.

HDMI Port Replacement

If your console’s HDMI port is damaged or not functioning correctly, we can replace it, ensuring a stable and high-quality video and audio output to your TV or monitor.

Firmware and Software

We can assist with updating your console’s firmware to the latest version and resolving software-related issues, like freezes, crashes, or error messages.

Audio and Video Issues

If your console is experiencing audio or video problems, such as distorted sound, no audio output, or visual artifacts, our experts can identify and fix the underlying causes, restoring a high-quality gaming experience.

We can fix a range of gaming consoles

Whether you have a PS5 to repair, an Xbox that isn’t working how it should, or another game console that needs an extra performance boost, we have you covered




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