What are the Most Common Smartphone Repairs?

15 August 2016

what are the most common smartphone repairs

If you own a smartphone, chances are you’re well versed on the woes of needing repairs; after all, 50% of you have cracked a screen at least once and 21% of you are walking around with a cracked screen right now! You can take comfort in knowing that you’re definitely not alone. Even if your phone is in perfect condition, you may need repairs and advice down the road, so it’s good to be aware of common repair issues you might encounter in the future:

The Screen

We know our phones are expensive mobile computers packed with fragile miniature technology, but the most common feature on your phone that requires repair is the screen. That’s because it’s most exposed to the elements. We’ve all experienced the fear of dropping your phone – it slips from your hand and in a matter of seconds that brand new phone you’ve had for all of two days could be shattered. For many people, a short drop ends with a crack in the screen…or worse. A cellphone case can help protect your smartphone from damage, but once it’s damaged, a smartphone repair expert can repair or replace your screen. Look for someone who can do it while you wait, or in less than an hour so you can get back to using your device in no time.

Water Damage

It happens and it’s not always fixable. Whether you accidentally leave your phone in your pants pocket while doing laundry or you just spill a drink on it, water damage can put an end to your phone. Even worse, most warranties do not cover water damage. You can test out DIY solutions like letting your phone dry out in a bag of rice or trying to dry it with a hair dryer, but you’re much better off bringing your phone to a qualified repair technician immediately to see if it’s fixable (moisture can corrode components over time). It’s your best bet for bringing your phone back to life and avoiding any further damage.

Home Button

We all take the home button for granted – until it starts sticking or stops working altogether. This may sound unlikely, but it’s more common than you think. Whether it needs a cleaning or replacement, when you lose button function, you lose control of opening and closing apps or being able to simply navigate through your phone. It can turn into one of your worst mobile nightmares. Button repair/cleaning/replacement for the home button, power button and sleep/wake button is a very common service for cell phone repair stores.

Damaged Charging Ports

Frankly, charging ports see a lot of use. If you’re not careful with your charging cables and ports, and even if you are, it is all too easy to bend your charging cables or break the end port piece inside your phone. When this happens – you know it’s just a matter of time before your battery drains out and your device dies. There’s no talking, surfing, shopping or sharing with a dead smartphone. Don’t fret! Take it to an expert.

We know how essential your phone is to you; it’s an extension of yourself. As we become more dependent on these devices, it’s important to have an experienced trusted technician handle any repairs, cleanings or replacements. The next time any of these tragedies strike your phone, bring it to your nearest Mobile Klinik location and ask for a free quote for professional smartphone or tablet repair in 60 minutes or less.

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