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Seven Best Free Organization Apps

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Life can get really hectic. From tasks at work to responsibilities at home, errands to run and to-do lists to make, there’s hardly a moment to sit back and relax. Luckily, thanks to the wonderful world of technology, there are a variety of helpful apps that are designed to simplify our lives, keep us on track and maybe even carve out a little extra time for our own personal sanity during those busy days. Here are seven such apps we like that will help you stay organized and on track.


From document and presentation files to photos and videos – Dropbox is your go-to app where you can easily store and share large items without hassle or freezing your inbox. Want to share a file with someone without an account? No problem, as they can easily access this app without having to sign up. You can share and receive large files from any device 11attached to your account, and if you set It to automatically back up and sync to your devices, you never have to worry about losing any of those important documents or photos. Dropbox Basic access is free and includes up to 2 GB in storage. You can access more storage by upgrading to a paid Dropbox Pro subscription, or you can unlock additional storage by performing small tasks such as following Dropbox on Twitter or completing the “Get Started” tour.


This app is great for anyone wishing they had their very own personal assistant both inside and outside of the office. 24me works wonders for helping to organize your life by combining your calendar, events, to-do lists, birthday reminders, social media, banking info and so much more in one location. Need to know what time you should leave for an appointment to avoid traffic? It can do that too. 24me is available for iOS devices, Apple Watch and Android.


Think of this app like a centralized notepad for everything – notes, sketches, text, PDFs, even audio recordings and videos. Evernote can also sync and save items from the internet. It even enables you to use your phone to scan documents for when you need to email an image or collaborate on a project with others. Like Dropbox, Evernote has a basic version (60 MB of new uploads per month) and paid Plus (1 GB/month) and Premium (10 GB/month) options.


Have trouble remembering all of those passwords? LastPass can help. Between the 20-odd passwords that many of us use on a daily or weekly basis, it can be very tricky to always keep track. Let this app do the work. By using one master TouchID password, it securely stores usernames and passwords for you. The basic version of LastPass is free, while additional features, such as unlimited sync across all mobile and desktop devices, is available for a small annual fee.

Remember the Milk

This app allows you to create smart to-do lists and reminders for when you need them. You can prioritize your list by assigning importance, due dates or other tags, and it can sync your devices to your Google, Calendar, Twitter and even your Evernote account. Remember the Milk has a basic version and a Pro version with extra features, like unlimited sharing and unlimited storage.


Are you a constant note-jotter and looking for a super clean, easy-on-the-eyes and customizable way to organize all your thoughts? Consider giving Bear a whirl. This paid note taking app is designed for seamless, beautiful categorization and organization of everything from novel ideas and poems to grocery lists, meeting transcripts, and so much more. The user interface of Bear has widely been regarded as one of the nicest and sleekest out there, complete with options to personalize your experience. Did we also mention that it works beautifully on iPad with Apple Pencil support?


Whether you work from home or not, meetings are a fact of life. Worse still, what if you’re still playing ping-pong when it comes to setting times and dates? Banish those “I’m free between x and y hours, does that work for you?” conversations for good with Calendly. An app is available for mobile devices, and it pairs beautifully with your Google Calendar.

So, how does Calendly work? Well, when you send someone a link to your personal Calendly page, they can choose from available time slots and dates as you deem fit. It’s a great way to get the ball rolling on everything from interviews to virtual chats over lunch, brainstorming sessions as a team, and more.

Life can be simplified by integrating a few great apps to help organize your days. If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed by that hectic schedule, try out a few of these apps to help keep your days in order and your mind at ease.

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