Instructions & FAQ

How To Prepare Your Device To Be Picked-Up For Repair

To ensure your device arrives safely and we can complete your repair, we ask you complete the following simple steps. Instructions for each step are provided below to make this as easy as possible.

Please unlock and remove passwords from your device

Please remove your personal data and the settings from your device

Please remove the SIM card and/or SD card from your device

Pack and arrange pick-up of your device

See Specific Instructions For Your Device

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General Questions

We strive to turn your device repair around as quickly as possible. Typically, within a couple of days. There are a number of factors that can impact timing, but we will always keep you updated on the progress of your repair, so you know what is happening and when your device will be fixed and sent back to you.

No, shipping is included in the price you are quoted for repair. We do collect a $20 + tax deposit for any mail-in repair. This deposit will be credited towards the final cost of the repair. Should you choose to not proceed with the repair for any reason, we will happily return your device to you, free of charge, however, this deposit will be forfeited.

In order to complete your repair and fully test your device we need complete access to all the phones functionality. To ensure we have full access passwords need to be removed. You will also be instructed to remove any personal data, so you do not need to worry about your device being completely accessible.

In the event your device has no power, or password cannot be removed prior to sending it in, Mobile Klinik will contact you for password access once the device has been received. If we are unable to get full access to your device repair may not be possible. If the device has no power or content cannot be removed prior to sending it in for repair, Mobile Klinik will accept the repair but is not responsible or liable for the data on the device (see terms & conditions).

This is for your protection. During the repair process there is always the possibility that content can be lost. We always recommend that you back up your content before sending it in for repair so you can reload it when your device is back and fixed. Also, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong during shipping, if your device is empty your privacy is protected. For information and directions on how to back-up your content and data please visit the Apple website.

We don't need them for a repair, and they belong to you. Ideally, you keep them safe and reinsert them when your device is repaired. Please note that Apple iPhones do not contain SD cards. Some Android phones have SD card slots, and they are located on the sides or top of the device. In some cases, the SD card tray is attached to the SIM card tray.